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Goal: 30
Start: #24
Current: 26

Blogging in Alphabetical Order, and A-Z

In 2015 I participated in a blog challenge.  I had participated in this blog challenge before, but this was the first time I participated with this blog, Bridge and Beyond.  The challenge was to blog everyday during the month of April (taking Sundays off), which made the count come out perfectly with 26 days of blogging in alphabetical order and 26 letters of the alphabet.

The listing with links to those blog posts from that challenge appear at the bottom of this post.  Some of these words and ideas I've used again at the beginning of this year, 2018.  My idea, not to post everyday, but to use the alphabet to post something starting with that letter, on days when I had no donations to post.  I began this 2nd go round of blogging in alphabetical order on Jan 11th, 2018.

Not only do I hope to blog when there might not be a donation to share with you, but I'm hoping to have something posted more often with the hope that the SEO (search engine optimization) will find out blog, Bridge and Beyond more often and easier.  That in turn should help us reach more helping hands so that we might increase our donation numbers since they've been down the last 2 years. 

3rd List Blogging in Alphabetical Order.
A=afghans Resurecting Learning Logs.
B=Barnacle Bill and Blogging in Alphabetical Order
C=A Cocoon of Yarn, Blogging in Alphabetical Order
D=Blogging in Alphabetical Order, D=Dog & Homeless
E=Ends, Blogging Alphabetically
F=FEAR, Fibers, and Fun Colors Matter
G=Donald Gould, Homeless in Sarasota, Florida
H=Hard Life, Hovel, Homeless & More, So Sad
I=Blogging in Alphabetical Order, Illness in Homeless
J= New Afghan Needs name, Blogging in Alphabetic Order, Jobless & Judgement
K=Kindness, Giving Away Kindness and blogging in Alphabetical Order
L= Love, Loitering and the Law
M=Assembling Mountain Meadow
N=Nameless Afghan, Blogging in Alphabetical Order
O=Being Homeless, An Outcast causes Outrage, or Does it?
P=Homeless Man's Belongings and Pollution, Blogging in Alphabetical Order
Q=Queue, Qualify, and Quality
R=Respite Center and Rae
 S= SuperWoman and SuperMen Help Homeless With Donations
T= Tiny Houses
V= Homeless Suffer Violence

This is the list started on Jan 11th, 2018

W= Wanda Witter Wins, FINALLY Against the Government
Z=Zneesy, and Homeless

This is the list from the challenge in 2015
A=Afghans, Family Heirlooms
B= Bridge and Beyond, Behind the Scenes
C=What is Crochet
E=Exposure Kills Homeless Vet
F= Crying and Homeless and Freezing Temperature
G= Gubbio, A Homeless Project, St. Boniface Church
H=Hobo and Homelessness
I= Inspiration
J= What is Joy
L=Knitting Looms
M=Mittens, Knitted, Crocheted or Loomed
N=Caring for the Needy
O=Jack Otis, Classmate, Homeless
P=Policing the Homeless
Q=Quilting Can Warm Those in Need
R=Helping Homeless with Rain Poncho's and Recycling
S=Shelter Living and the Homeless
T=Tent Cities for Homeless
U=Living Under the Underpasses
V=Homeless Veterans, Rest in Peace
W=Water in Doorways, Sprays Homeless
Y=Yarn Helps Homeless
Z=Finding Zen

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