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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Another sad picture of what Homelessness is...Foraging.  Foraging for food?  This sadly is a reality for far too many people.  Again, hard to imagine what that is like, how demoralizing it probably is.  How are we as a society going to help?  How can we as individual's help?  I can not wave a magic wand and make this problem go away, no matter how much I wish I could.

But, I do believe we can help.  In an earlier post there was a discussion both in the post and in the subsequent comments that followed about whether or not to give homeless (beggars) money.  Many comments were made that indicated a good number of people aren't comfortable with that, and or that they don't tend to carry cash.  Some felt opposed, not knowing how the money would spent and had conflicts/concerns about whether the money would be used to buy food, or cigarettes or alcohol.  I know that may not be the best use for the money, however, I understand why they spend it that way.  And perhaps having that choice gives them a wee bit of freedom...to do as others in society do?  I don't know the right answer and doubt the answer is or should be the same all the time; as circumstances and people are different. 

Some folks indicated in their comments when possible, they've purchased a meal for the person in need.  Naturally if you're right by a fast food or other food source that does work.  Perhaps carrying fast food coupons or gift cards would be a method to help people, not worry about carrying cash and or not worry about how that cash might be spent.  I wonder, has anyone had experiences they can share along those lines?  Are the homeless you see generally near a fast food establishment?  Have you seen someone foraging and offered an alternative for them?

**The counts on our progress bars are current, the percentages not quite. I'll not be figure the percentages with each update of numbers, but will be updating again next at least by the 20th. I have in fact made a reminder not on my cell phone for the 20th of each month to do percentages. If we're at a milestone, or I just have extra time I may do it more often...but certainly at that scheduled time.

 **All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. It would be sad to see someone foraging for food. I would try to buy them some food if I was near a fast food restaurant.

  2. I carry a few $10 gift cards for Subway with me all the time. I'll hand those over usually.

  3. Great idea to carry the gift cards! I’m going to do that! I don’t carry cash. Perfect solution! There is a subway near both the places I’m approached by the homeless.

  4. Thank you Sue, Nikki, and Cynthia for the visits and thoughtful comments. All is appreciated. Glad to hear that the gift card idea works well Nikki, thank you. Cynthia sing out later and let us know how it works for you.

  5. I like the idea of gift cards in theory. Since a meal most likely does not cost the exact amount of the gift card, what happens to the leftover? I have two cards that were sent to me as rebates on products I use. I used part of one but have no way to know what the remaining value is. I tried to use it again and it was rejected (likely because the amount was too much). So how do the homeless handle this? They wouldn't have extra money if it was over... Just my thoughts. I do not run into homeless where I live so it's not an issue I deal with.

    1. Excellent question, one I will follow up on, as I don't know the answer myself. Thanks Sandie for the visit, and good question.


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