Mission Statement

Operations for Bridge and Beyond will cease on Dec 31, 2021, last mailing date should be Dec 24th


Goal: 30
Start: #24
Current: 26


What is Needed for The Bridge Folks?

There are no specific patterns that must be followed for hats, mittens, scarves, or slippers.  Please remember the primary focus is men (and some women) living outdoors without a roof over their heads; so light airy objects aren't good.  Colors appropriate for Men and Women (adults), as well as sizes appropriate for adults are needed.

Please stick with yarns that need no special care or washing instructions, as the homeless do not have that ability.  Avoid suede yarn, wool, cotton, and novelty yarns. 

Most usable yarn is acrylic and washable wool.

Avoid white, off-white, and beige.  It shows the dirt so easily it isn't practical.

Homeless People do not like to call attention to themselves with bright, wild clothing.  Therefore dark colors are best, mild stripes or solids are preferred over bright stripes.


What does Beyond The Bridge Mean?

Beyond the bridge means helping beyond those who live under the bridge, reaching out beyond those limits.  For now beyond the bridge means our folks living in shelters at Homeless Families Foundation, Faith Mission, school age kids at schools in the areas of these shelters.  We also provide personal care items and store bought socks.

What is Faith Mission and what do they need?
Hats, mittens, scarves, and slippers suitable colors and sizes for Men, Women, and Children.  Faith Mission has a Mans shelter where men get a night with a cot here there; but are basically living outdoors.  Faith Mission also serves families through their family shelters, and they have a very active soup kitchen where many meals are served to those in need.  We also provide personal care items and store bought socks.

Who do we Help at The Homeless Families Foundation
Men, Women, and Children are cared for.  Temporary housing is provided for 47 families.  They live in their temporary housing for up to 3 months while receiving support and guidance to locate jobs, permanent housing, care for children after school and other necessary things to get back on their feet.  On going support is provide as they transition into their permanent housing.  Our standard, hats, scarves, mittens, slippers will be provided; as well as afghans.   We also provide personal care items, and store bought socks.


How Are Donations Distributed?
All items are hand delivered by either Rae, or myself.  Rae delivers items directly to The Bridge Folks,  I deliver all other items to the various locations.  This is a grass roots 100% volunteer organization, no one receives any monetary gain by participating.


What are the Tabs for on the Blog?
Each item collected has it's own tab across the top of the blog with necessary information regarding size, colors, fibers to use as well as what to avoid.  Some patterns are also available.  Please make certain your donations meet our needs by following the requirements.  It's important what we donate meet their needs and not ours.


How do we Identify our Donations?
 Please include your name, email address, blog url, with your donation.  All donations are photographed, blogged about and documented on the blog; and all thank you's and acknowledgments are done via email, blogs, and our Facebook Group.  My sincere apologies, but I don't have the ability to notify people via snail mail of donations being received.  Without notes identifying you, donations will not be used.  You may choose to be anonymous on the blog by letting me know that in your note; but being anonymous with me is NOT an option.  You might wonder why, as many feel the true nature of giving is to do it anonymously.  I have gotten donations that weren't suitable and need to be able to communicate that with the person so they don't continue to send items poorly made, items not meeting the requirements etc.  AND...since donations come from all over, I do need to be careful.  Bed bugs can be a problem, I need to know whom is sending donations and where they're from.


Knit and Crochet Do's and Don'ts

Always leave a tail when changing yarn, and tucked your tail in.  PLEASE do not tie and knot and cut EVER.  I've needed to repair far too many items that were knotted and cut before being able to donate.  In a few cases, I've not been able to repair the item, in order to donate it. 
Avoid the use of white, off-white, ivory, and beige, it shows dirt too easily.
Please use tight close stitches over open, light and airy stitches for warmth.  General rule of thumb, if you can see your hand through an item, or poke your finger through it, it's too open.  Please use dark colors over light or bright colors.  Please avoid wool, suede, cotton (except for cotton washcloths), and all novelty yarns.  Tag ALL hats, mittens, and slippers with size.  Attach all pairs of mittens and slippers as a pair.


Why hand made and not store bought?
I believe handmade sends a very special message of caring to the recipient.  It says someone you don't know took precious time to make something special for you.  That's a huge shot in the arm and gives people hope.  Hand made is in keeping with our mission, store bought is not.


Thank you!

Where are You and Your Yarn From?

I'm trying to identify where everyone is from, partially for fun. Take a look at the map. Also, believe it will aid me in cases where we have several people with the same name. Please look at the lists of bloggers and non bloggers and see if I have the state you hail from. If not, please leave a comment and let me know.

Additionally, we've had help from Scotland, England, Germany Puerto Rico, Canada, and France! They don't appear on the map, but their help is still greatly appreciated.

Where The People Who Donate Come From, is your state represented?