Mission Statement

Operations for Bridge and Beyond will cease on Dec 31, 2021, last mailing date should be Dec 24th


Goal: 30
Start: #24
Current: 26


Scarves are Needed For:
Children (NOT) babies, not young toddlers

White, off-white, ivory, beige and tan.
Lacy, open stitches (if you can poke your fingers through and or see your hand through, it's too lacy.  Opt for a smaller hook/needle and or use a different stitch.
Skinny scarves (we're after warmth)
Novelty yarns (we're after warmth and durability and washability), and suede
Non Washable fibers
Avoid light pastels as the dirt shows too easily
Avoid Cotton, it isn't warm enough.

Scarves for men should be at least 6 foot long and at least 5 inches wide though larger is even better. 
Scarves for women should be at least 4 inches wide and at least 5 feet long or Larger
Scarves for children should 4 inches by about 4.5 feet...obviously larger for older kids
Scarves for teens should be the same size as adult scarves
Please don't make scarves smaller then 4.5 feet long and 4 inches wide, it's not enough to wrap around well enough to provide the warmth.

Solids and dark colors are best.  Dark colors can be used by women and men and children and shows less dirt.  Solids go with everything and for men living outdoors are preferred, as they don't like to call attention to themselves with something brightly colored or wild.
**Stripes work, but again staying to the darker colors is best.  Minimal stripes are better then stripes of loads of different colors.

Double Yarn? 
Using double yarn does make a scarf thicker and warmer; but it can also make it stiff and not very soft to the skin.  If you use double yarn, please launder your scarf before mailing, it will soften it.

 **as with all items, please work your ends in, do not knot and cut, and please remove animal hair if you let your furry friends lay on your items (my allergies go wonky when I open donations, AND we don't know what allergies or how severe they might be for those we donate to).**

Please contact me at sandycrochet@gmail.com with any questions not covered above.

Where are You and Your Yarn From?

I'm trying to identify where everyone is from, partially for fun. Take a look at the map. Also, believe it will aid me in cases where we have several people with the same name. Please look at the lists of bloggers and non bloggers and see if I have the state you hail from. If not, please leave a comment and let me know.

Additionally, we've had help from Scotland, England, Germany Puerto Rico, Canada, and France! They don't appear on the map, but their help is still greatly appreciated.

Where The People Who Donate Come From, is your state represented?