Mission Statement

Operations for Bridge and Beyond will cease on Dec 31, 2021, last mailing date should be Dec 24th


Goal: 30
Start: #24
Current: 26


Afghans are donated to The Homeless Families Foundation as they make the transition from temporary (shelter type) living into permanent housing.  They are a way to celebrate the milestone, a way to say congratulations, and a way to wish them well on their new journey.  Afghans, knitted or crocheted and or quilts send such a special message of hope.  We've donated complete afghans you've made, as well as afghans assembled from your donated squares.  I still have an abundance of squares and so ask that you not send anymore at this time.

ALL afghans need to be laundered, to be free of smoke, animal and human hair, as well as general odors.  Please launder and avoid spraying with scented perfumes, air fresheners and the like.  Laundering does more then just makes sure it's clean looking and smelling, it gives you the opportunity to block your afghan which often helps with curled edges and or lopsided situations.  Blocking, gives the yarn a chance to rest, which always make the item look nicer.

Sizes can vary, but let's strive to make the afghans large enough to be truly usable for warmth.  I would suggest nothing smaller then 40 x 40 for the younger children and certainly larger for the teens and adults.

**When changing colors, NEVER tie and cut.  It will not make it through the laundry or family use.  Afghans are items to have for years and years and therefore need to be sturdy and well made.**

*while I can't laundered every hat, scarf, pair of mittens or slippers I do suggest if you're a knitter or crocheter in a smoking home, or a home who's furry friends like to lounge on your creations you  take the time to launder your items before mailing.  Hats, mittens, slippers, and scarves can all be tossed in together with a cold water wash.  I don't dry items in the dryer, though most worsted yarn labels say you can.  I personally air dry, but if you (due to space and or to keep the animals off the items) choose to use the dryer I suggest you use no heat.  The other nice benefit of laundering your items is they will be softer and more comfortable.  We all know how stiff some worsted yarns can be.  AND even if you're a non smoker non pet home (like me), yarn collects dust.......both at the store before you buy and while it sits in your stash before calling out to you to be item x y z.  So truly, laundering is a good idea on many fronts.

Where are You and Your Yarn From?

I'm trying to identify where everyone is from, partially for fun. Take a look at the map. Also, believe it will aid me in cases where we have several people with the same name. Please look at the lists of bloggers and non bloggers and see if I have the state you hail from. If not, please leave a comment and let me know.

Additionally, we've had help from Scotland, England, Germany Puerto Rico, Canada, and France! They don't appear on the map, but their help is still greatly appreciated.

Where The People Who Donate Come From, is your state represented?