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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Surprise, What's in the Bag Afghan

Sometime back I blogged about this HERE, click to see the pictures even if you don't want to read the post, the short version is 2 different styled ghans had apparently been started, they couldn't be put together, the rows that were together were too wide to have enough to continue and make a ghan, and those that were together were...mixed, in that some were stitched, some were crocheted and so I'm now beginning to stitch together.  There aren't ways of making a pattern with these squares and so.....it's a surprise. I put my hand in and pull one out........sorta.  If I get one that is the same or is the same colors but different order I lay aside go fishing again.  Stitching them together seemed a better option than crocheting...which is what I normally do because they are soooooo small and because some pulling of the edge took place with those that were frogged, and in some cases you can see or feel the stitch, partially I think because of how tightly crocheted they are and partially I think given their age and maybe the type of yarn.

So, clearly it will be a very traditional style granny square  afghan, no pattern, black join and lots of different colors.  Think I'll name this one Granny's Surprise.......but am open for suggestions from you all.

Am still working on Learning Logs and Blue Horizon.  Blue Horizon is getting close to completion in that I'm on the last section.

Hats: 219
Scarves 87
Mittens/Gloves/Wrist Warmers: 45
Slippers: 63
Rain Poncho's:  55
Cotton Washcloths: 177
Afghans: 11
Socks: 147
Cowls/Hoody Combo's/ 17
Shawls 1
Misc: items like personal care and things don't fit into above categories aren't counted


All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. I think Granny's Surprise is a good name for this one. Looking forward to seeing it all done.

    1. Thanks Sue for the visit and nice comment, both are appreciated. It's a nice project when it's too sticky to work with a ghan on your lap. Sitting at the table stitching is cooler. We've got 87%humidity again...

  2. I AGREE SUE, AND SANDY. Grannys Surprise is definitely the right name for this one. Squares made by Granny and will certainly be a surprise:+)think it will be a pretty one. Like these plain old fashioned afghans and that is what this will be. Good luck sounds like Granny gave you something to think about here Sandy.
    84 degrees 2 days in a row here, and we have really been feeling it. Spent the morning in the flower bed weeding with my sister and mowing the back lawn. Worn out. Sitting here in the AC after a bath I really feel like I accomplished something today. Rain all day tomorrow. Needed to get that mowing done. Hope our Homeless friends found a cool place to be.GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS.marj in minnesota

    1. I hear ya on the worn out, but feeling good about getting things done. I didn't do yard work yesterday, but have been doing some pretty much daily in between the rains not easy. Looks like rain currently, but I don't know that it can get much wetter, it's already 87% humidity and it's not even 7 am yet. So far, we've stuck to the fans and windows open...hate turning on the ac until we absolutely have to. Been closed up all winter hate to be closed up all summer to. Thanks for the additional vote on Granny's Surprise. I agree with you, it's old fashioned and wouldn't have a color scheme or pattern as granny's used up bits and pieces.

  3. ghan - a new word I learnt today!!

    1. Hi Zannie, yes we knitters and crocheters say ghan alot vs afghan, sometimes even lapghan,glad you learnt a new word, lol

  4. I like Granny's Surprise! I think it will also be warm!


    1. Thank you Betty,much appreciated. It will be warm, those stitches are quite tight.

  5. I also learnt a new word! Love the name Granny's Surprise you'll have to keep that one Sandy :) can't wait to see it all finished x

    1. Thank you Hannah, appreciate your visit and comment. Glad everyone agrees on the name.

  6. I really like the bright colors! The black outlining really makes the color pop.

  7. Perfect name for a lovely afghan. I love Traditional afghans. I can't wait to see it finished.

  8. I like that name and you should keep it. I love the colours with the black outline-really pretty

  9. I'm still searching for my granny squares. The colors are really nice on those you have there too!

  10. I'm still searching for my granny squares. The colors are really nice on those you have there too!


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