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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In a Dream World

In a dream world....all of us would have a craft room and in that craft room would be comfy sitting, ample storage, superior lighting, and creative juices would flow!  Who's with me.  So you have this really cool peg board and on it you hang your beautiful and colorful yarn, you have containers with your needles and other important tools.  You look up, like a color......and walla you snatch it, make yourself cozy, someone brings you your favorite beverage and you begin..........to make any and everything....yes, yes, in a dream world.  And in that dream world your beautifully displayed yarn would not get dusty, and heck..........let's take our dream one step further, in our dream world we'd be knitting, crocheting, and looming something frivols because there would be no homeless problem.

If only...........until then, let's keep our needles and yarn and hooks, wherever and how ever we store them busy busy.

Just had to share this

I want to thank all the new visitors supporting us through their visits and thoughtful comments from The A-Z challenge and am thrilled some of our new friends are busy and knitting and crocheting and or looking to see what they might do to help, either here or in their own areas.  We need to continue to spread the information about the severity of homelessness and spread the news about what can be done throughout our country.
**I am continuing to visit through the road trip linky and so the list of visitors/commenters by way of the blog log keeps changing.  Some have fallen by the wayside, as often happens after a blog challenge,while others have been added.

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All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Only in a perfect world and definitely not in mine or anyone I know.The people I know are doing what I do and keeping their stash in a tub., and doing the best they can to keep track of what they have and try to use it before buying alot more. Still enjoy the idea or a dream craft room, but will not have one, I am sure.Good luck to anyone who thinks they can accomplish one. The main thing for me is to try to keep making things that are needed to help those who need to be warm and protected against the elements.Doing what little I can to help. We can only do what we can no matter how little. The power of one is wonderful and the power of this group is even more amazing..
    80 and humid here this afternoon. GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS.marj in minnesota

    1. Beautifully said Marj. Like you, I don't have a craft room and probably never will either, lol. But, seeing the picture did make me smile. I found some work in progress projects the other day I had completely forgotten about. Laid a few aside, but got excited about the yarn and the needles in another and frogged it to start something else. I guess IF we had a craft room and IF everything were organized, I wouldn't forget I had the needles stuck in a project somewhere, lol.

      Right you are, we all do what we can, when and how we can....and I'm always amazed and pleased and humbled at how many people we are able to help.

  2. If I had an adorable craft room like that I might even learn to knit and crochet, I would try, anyway.

    1. It is a pretty cool craft room, and I do think it would inspire me...trying to learn is good Doreen, you might surprise yourself.

  3. My mom is big on making quilts, wall panels, knitting, painting ceramics...anything artsy. She'd love a craft room!

    1. Your mother sounds like she's very talented to be able to do all of those things, wow. Did she teach you?

  4. My mom is big on making quilts, wall panels, knitting, painting ceramics...anything artsy. She'd love a craft room!

  5. I look forward to the day when I can have a craft room of my own. I know its in my future...I just don't know when.

    1. Oh Sherry, start making a list of ideas of how you want it to be and keep us posted.

  6. I don't think I will ever have a craft room. I do most of my knitting at home, in front of the TV. My yarn is stored in boxes in both of the bedrooms. After the items are done, they are washed and dryed, into plastic bags they go. (Don't want the cat hair on them again). I have a tote bag that I put the knitting in, until I get enough to send off.

    1. Hey Sue, sounds like you have a good system that works for you and it also sounds quite organized. I do a big part of my knitting and crocheting in front of the tv as well and have current yarn and pieces in the living room and my office with The Stash downstairs in bags and boxes and bins on shelves.

  7. That would indeed be an ideal room. If I had that and the time, I would probably finish up all those unfinished craft projects I've started over the years, and maybe even give knitting a try, if only...

    1. LOL, I hear ya Elizabeth...if only. I was related on the unfinished projects.

  8. Perhaps if not a whole room, maybe a bit of a nook some place to call one's own for creativity :)


    1. Oh...I like that idea Betty a nook.....hum, now that's an idea worth exploring.

  9. In a flurry of ambition a couple of months ago I sorted all of my stash. Then I logged and inventoried it all in Ravelry. They have the best data base for keeping track of yarn, needles and hooks.
    Then I put it all in bins, labeled the bins, stacked the bins on a wide three tiered shelf in my closet. It works!

  10. I'll have to see if my mum has a spare moment she loves knitting shall forward her this I'm sure there are similar ideas over here how can there not be when so many sadly homeless thanks for sharing x

  11. I can't say a thing because I have a great craft room that my hubby built for me. I have to say I like this idea of the yarn on the wall


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