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Friday, April 24, 2015

Living Under the Underpasses

 A-Z Challenge = U=Underpass, Uncomfortable and Unwanted, Urban
These homeless leaving between and under underpasses and bridges may be some of the luckier ones. They have some supplies, some shelter, and a small community.  At least they did when the photo was taken.  These areas are often very temporary, until someone complains, the police forcibly move them or until they feel unsafe and move to another area.
 Some have less, not much more then the clothes on their back; but still shelter from both cold rain and snow, and summers hot sun.
 Some leave their supplies covered (click to enlarge to see the supplies up in highest part of the underpass) during the day while they forage or find space inside for a few hours of relief, coming back to the cold dark and very noisy underpass areas for the night.  Can you imagine the noise and smell of the cars going by all day and all night?
 Speaking of noise, see the young man on right covering his ears.  I don't supplies in this picture.  Perhaps they have found a spot for a temporary nap.  Sleeping is something very difficult for the homeless, as they are rousted typically multiple times a night.  It's thought to be sometimes the source of why they act irrationally, they are sleep deprived.
 Some have found what appears to be more permanent shelter and companionship under the underpasses and bridges.
Obviously some actually had structures, shelters they built under bridges and underpasses; until the city crews dismantled them.

Cities and their Police force are constantly working in tandem to move homeless, to discourage homeless from collecting.  Some say it's a health issue, trash and human waste; others say it's a crime issue, others say it's just inhuman and wrong.

Some are taking preventive measures.  Homeless certainly can't sleep or sit, or even stand where businesses have installed these and other similar "You're Unwelcome Here" measures.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. I remember when we lived in the San Diego area, this was this homeless man. He had so much stuff and when he moved it from place to place, you could see him making the multiple trips. I never knew exactly why he had all that stuff and seemed to accumulate more a long the way.


    1. He may have been the one available during the day to move the stuff to keep it safe, possibly not only his stuff. When they have communities, the homeless look out for each other. Some homeless work, others in the group could have been in a soup line etc.

  2. The pictures make me feel so sad. This country needs more shelters to house the homeless.

  3. It's all very well putting in spikes etc., but ONLY if there is a real alternative provided. Otherwise it's just moving the problem on to somewhere else. We have a long sea pier here and homeless people often sleep under that.


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