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Monday, June 1, 2015

Sorry Lola

Last night was the end of the month long yarn bombing Lola style contest and the winner was to be announced today.  There is no winner to announce, as there were no participants I'm sad to report.  I had hoped we'd have some fun pictures to look at, but apparently it just wasn't what people were interested in doing.

Sorry Lola.

Pop in tomorrow and check out what's happening, and remember even when you can't knit or crochet due to time constraints or lack of knowing how, you can still help Bridge and Beyond by visiting and leaving comments.  Please let us know you were here.

Thank you.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF JUNE. Guess i wasnt sure what the YARN BOMB picture contest was all about.It is not a term I am familiar with, Now if you had asked for garden pictures I could have done that.better. Sorry no one participated sounded like it should have been fun, if you were a yarn bamber:+)
    Weather is beautiful again today. Lots of sunshine. That is to come to an end tomorrow night. Storms after midnight and the rest of the week on and off rain till the weekend. Definitely no need for sprinklers this year., as yet:+). Hope everyone has a warm safe place to be. GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS.Marj in Minnesota

    1. We're still cold, gray, damp, and ugly here,the whole day...again. Hope it's better tomorrow, glad you're getting some sunshine and hope the storms aren't bad. Thank care Marj

  2. I thought it was a cute contest, I just don't have any yarn to bomb :)


  3. I also wasn't sure what you wanted. Yarn bombing is generally where you decorate some public object with crochet or knitting. I appreciate the loveliness of what some people have done with that, but I didn't want to waste my own yarn decorating a mailbox or tree. LOL

    1. With the pictures in the comic and my description am surprised and disappointed people didn't understand. Oh well. Moving on.

  4. I have no yarn to bomb with but I can spin a yarn or 2:) talking that is. I love that joke-funny:)

    1. Love the spin a yarn Birgit! No wonder people have trouble learning English we say things that have so many different meanings.

  5. Sorry you didn't get anyone to send a picture. I took a pic of my cat with some yarn by her. Then I tried to send it to myself and just wasn't able to figure it out. I just don't know how to do things like that.
    It was cold, windy and rainy here in MI over the weekend and it is to get very chilly again tonight. But we did get sunshine. Each day is to get warmer again.

    1. Thank you for the effort, sounds like a cute picture of kitty and yarn. So far, today is the first day we've not had rain and I did just see the sun peak out for about 10 minutes though it's still below 60 degrees.

  6. t would have been wonderful to see pictures of yarn bombing. I would have loved to participate but I do all I can to crochet and knit as it iis for charityl

  7. What a shame that no one entered. It happened to one of my contests too.
    It has been raining all week in Philadelphia and it is so cold!


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