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Monday, May 18, 2015

Yarn Storage Solution?

Spotted this one day reading about storing your yarn.  These are shoe-bags, right?  Would look cool in your craft room, if you have such a thing.  Adds color to any wall, but I don't know?  The tops would get dusty...then again things should be laundered after you make them anyway...but, all the yarn here looks to be the same size, in terms of the hanks....

What if this were in a closet?  Ideas are fun.  Let's speculate.  What do you all think?  Is this a good idea?  Would you do it?  Do you have room for it?  Do you have that much yarn....I know I have more than this would hold.

As of the writing of this scheduled post, I've not received any photo's for the contest....times a ticking folks.  Remember you don't have to be a knitter or crocheter to get in the act.  Link below for the dates and rules of the contest.  Spread the word and start sending in your pictures.

**Little bit of an up-date status post A-Z Challenge.  While the challenge ended in April, I continued to visit blogs on the linky, as well as those who had visited here.  I've removed a few from the blog list who apparently are spent after the challenge and not currently blogging.  I've also added a few of folks who were continuing to visit.  AND now there's the road trip.  See the new little badge in the right sidebar?  It's another linky, folks from A-Z who want to continue rounding sign up.  Soooo, I'm gassed up and still making lots of blog visits.  This linky is just a couple of hundred people by comparison to a couple of thousand.

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  1. I don't really have wall room for something like this though I can see where it might be useful. I presently keep my yarn in bins, which works okay though not making the skeins readily visible and available. I also have a yarn tree which I love but it only holds so many skeins and I have ... more. LOL

    1. I actually think I could put this in my office, just not too sure what hubby would think, lol

  2. Have to agree with Sandie., I dont have the space for this. I think it looks like a good idea. Have a friend who has an actual craft room, and I will suggest it to her. She does alot of different types of crafts and it might be a way to organize.:+)I had so much yarn that I made a point of using it here a couple of months ago, making hats for the little school kids on the reservation.Am ready to start rebuilding my stash.Try to keep it under control. I use the big plastic bins too.
    Battling two days of major cold here. Trying to keep my Memorial Day Pots alive and well.They are living in the garage with minimal sun right now. 1 week to go! :+)Worry about my homeless friends, this hot and cold weather is not good mixed with the rain. GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS. marj in minnesota

    1. Let us know if your friend uses this idea, would love some feedback on it. I'm with you on the hot, cold, and wet. No consistency in this crazy weather. It's so humid here everything inside feels wet. Must be horrible for our homeless friends.

  3. I remember my mom and sisters had all kinds of yarn. This brings back warm and fuzzy memories. Thanks!

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Road Trip
    Breakthrough Blogs

    1. Thanks for popping in Stephen, appreciate it.

  4. I have a hanging thing for sweaters, that has baby yarn in it. It hangs in the coat closet. Then I have many boxes of yarn. I have them labeled, solid, 1lbs, varigated, cotten and misc balls. I sure don't have wall space to hang all my yarn, but it might be good to keep the house warmer in the winter. LOL

    1. I like the idea of inside the closet, as it would keep things handy Sue, but at the same time a bit less dust. I know what you mean about sweater hangers. Just such an interesting and colorful idea. I think I could hang a small one here in my office, but not sure how much it would help.

  5. This looks nice but you need a full wall and I agree about the dust. I would just have those roller plastic storage containers and have greens in one, blues in another and so on. I would label them also.

    1. I've got bags which I switched to after using bins cause it seemed like I could cram more in and could see through when looking for something; but have some boxes as well. My boxes don't have rollers but are shelved on shelves that have rollers.

  6. Hiya Sandy, I am still blogging just a lot less frequently. Likely once or twice a month now at best. I still have my thesis to finish so I feel a lot of guilt when I write blog posts rather than thesis pages! I did sign up for the AtoZ Road Trip and hope to visit a bunch of new blogs!

    I am trying to remember how my Baba stores her yarn and I think it's just in a big box that she slides under her bed! Those shoe pockets do seem like a neat idea though. A colourful addition to any wall if one has the space!

    1. I'd forgotten about your thesis, that has to be alot of work. Will continue to pop in from time to time to check on you then. Under the bed would work, except I've got other stuff under there, lol. I need to get rid of some stuff. Not yarn mind you, but other stuff.

  7. My stash is still a disaster in boxes in my walk-in bedroom closet. Because of that I really don't have a walk-in closet ;-) I think this looks very pretty if I were to have my own craft room thought. I recently just bought a yarn winder and some plastic containers hoping to condense my stash. Dought if that will every happen.

    1. Hope you enjoy your ball winder, I'm already wondering how I got by all these years without it Sherry. This looks to me like 4 hangers, so one wouldn't take up much room, could you use them on the wall in your walk in closet and free up your shelves?

    2. My son has even become addicted to it. He is always wanting to wind the yarn, lol. If anything it helps you find any errors in the yarn and also makes sure you definitely have a beginning yarn without the cake toppleing all over the place.

  8. I wish I had a craft room. It would probably inspire me to work on that purse I keep telling myself I'm going to sew, lol. This seems like a good way to store my scarves (I don't have that much yarn) if only I had an available wall :(

    1. I know I envy people with the space to have a craft room, but I do think hanging one of these bags wouldn't take up much room, then again one bag doesn't hold much yarn or fabric or whatever either. To make it work, you would need several I guess.


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