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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Donating Crocheted Slippers Helps Homeless

Happy Easter.

While today is a Sunday, and a day off from The A-Z Challenge, we do still have donations to share and praise.  These fabulous slippers are crocheted and donated by Cheryl B's friend Romona F.  The slippers are nice and thick, therefore both warm and durable with nice tight stitches...and I think double yarn?  Lots of colors and sizes to warm feet of many different sizes.

Many thanks Cheryl for mailing your friend, Romana's slippers and for spreading the word for Romona to help us.  Welcome to the group Romona F, we're always thrilled to have more helping hands, and look forward to seeing you here on Bridge and Beyond in the future.

Thank you for this thoughtful donation ladies, and Please keep up the good work.

**We've on just begun with the A-Z challenge, tomorrow will be day 5 and the letter E, hope to see you as days and letters continue.  Thus far, I'm pleased to say we have some new followers as I write this we're at 311, believe we were at 205 ish prior to the challenge.  Comments are picking up nicely and a few folks may join us here with our mission, while others may try to find a similar group in their local area to help; and that's good too.  If we've inspired a few more souls to lend a helping hand to their fellow man, it's been successful.  On the technical side of things, there are people who signed up that have comments closed, no badge, and or 3 steps to get through for captcha's, who really aren't participating.  In past years I've taken time to note them all and, as requested let the organizers know.  I found that frustrating, it often seemed it didn't do any good.  I now look to see if comments are open, you don't have to sign in or register with another service and whether or not they have the badge, if they don't; I don't read the blog post and move on.  Vs taking time to read it, and start to formulate a response and get frustrated at wasting time.  My attitude is different this year, and because of that I am less frustrated than other years during the challenge using other blogs.  My mission this year is to spread the word about our cause, and the plight of the homeless across the nation.  By doing that, concentrating on the larger need, and being hopeful we'll gain some additional helping hands...I'm glad I took the time to join, to write and schedule 26 alphabetical posts, visit other blogs daily,  and already feel like it's been a worthwhile venture for our friends, The Homeless who are in need.

Hats: 179
Scarves 67
Mittens/Gloves/Wrist Warmers: 45
Slippers: 50+13=63
Rain Poncho's:  53
Cotton Washcloths: 109
Afghans: 6
Socks: 126
Cowls 12
Shawls 1
Misc: items like personal care and things don't fit into above categories aren't counted

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Looks like Easter colors to me!Beautiful job Romona! What lovely spring colors. These are definitely needed I am sure and there will be some happy hearts and warm feet with this donation. Thanks and welcome to the group and. thanks to Cheryl for helping with this gift.. It will not be sunny here, but warm at least ,that is the important thing, although an Easter sunrise is always lovely and inspiring.Have a blessed day everyone. GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS marj in minnnesota

  2. Morning Marj, glad you're having warmer weather. We're just under 40 at the moment and it should warm up a bit more as the day progresses. As always, thanks for the supportive and sweet visits and comments.

  3. Romona, nice color slippers for the homeless. Nice donation . Happy Easter everybody. Rosemarie.

    1. Thanks for popping in Rosemarie, and Happy Easter to you too.

  4. Welcome Romona! What a great donation of slippers! I love the colors...there will be many happy people receiving these warm slippers. :-)

    1. Waving hello to you Sarah and thanks for popping in, always nice to see you.

  5. Those slippers do look very comfy! Nice donation from Romona.

    Totally agree about the blogs that make it almost virtually impossible to comment during the challenge. However, I do know from time to time the hosts of the A/Z challenge do go and clean up the list and remove blogs not participating. Such a thing is supposed to be scheduled for this weekend. But with so many blogs participating a few could be missed I would imagine. I check first on how easy it is to leave a comment before I read the post. You are right, only so much time in the day to get it all done; can't spend a lot of time trying to figure out this or that to comment.


    1. Good to know I'm not the only one to feel that way about the a-z challenge. Thanks for cheering everyone on so nicely.

  6. Welcome Romona F! Very nice donation of slippers and such nice colors.. Lots more warm feet! Thanks Cheryl for mailing the slippers.
    Have a Happy and Blessed Easter Everyone.

    1. Thanks for popping in Sue, much appreciate it. Happy Easter to you too.


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