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Thursday, March 5, 2015

PLEASE Stop, I'm freezing

My apology to the folks who got here to the post before I had actually written it.  I schedule things ahead 99.9% of the time, and had this in que, but never got back to complete it before it was published.
This video sadden me so much when I first saw it, that I backed away from writing about it, thus it was there in que ...waiting on me.  This video follows yesterdays post about a man dying.......dying literally from being homeless, from being out in the cold exposed to the elements for too long without whatever he needed to survive.  I don't know if Michael (see yesterday's post) would have lived if he had another meal, or warmer/dry socks or a different place to sleep.........but it gives me pause thinking about it.

And now this?  A child, in New York in the elements for hours (2 I believe it was), before someone came to his rescue.  And it wasn't a wealth person who came to his rescue, it wasn't someone with a good job, it wasn't someone with a child that age at home, it wasn't  with a roof over their head.......no, it was a caring homeless man with little to share, but willing to share it.  He had compassion, he shared a hug, he asked questions, he gave up his coat.  He understood this person needed what he had, he understood he could help.  He understood, that while he couldn't solve the problem and make it go away.........he understood he could do what he could do and that what he could do mattered.

This was an experiment, so this child wasn't going to freeze because it was an experiment.......but all those who passed him by, who stopped to stare didn't know that.  I guess none of us knows how we would react in the same type of situation, I only hope my humanity would overcome and that I would do the right thing.  We are sometimes afraid of those folks who are homeless, because we don't them.  We don't know if it's safe to approach them.  Thankfully this caring homeless man didn't let his fear (if he had any) get in the way of caring for another human being in need.

We can't solve the problem, but we can do, what we can do  AND IT MATTERS.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Sandy, I saw your story on the homeless boy and it was sad that nobody would stop to help him until the end of the story. Rosemarie.

    1. Thank you for the visit and comment Rosemarie, both are appreciated. It is indeed very sad. Sorry you visited before I had actually written the post.

  2. Heartbreaking.Dont even know what to say to this. People are so busy with their own lives that they cant be bothered with the problems of their fellow man. They think that someone else will take care of it and therefore no one takes care of it. They are probably very nice people who dont even realize that someone is starving and freezing in their paths, and would be horrified if it was brought to their attention, but as long as they can avoid it they will.God Bless the Homeless.God Bless those who try to help. God bless us all. Marj in Minnesota/-6degrees.

    1. Marj in Minnesota, I think you're right. There were people who stopped, wondering probably what to do and not being sure and so they went on, others perhaps were on tight time table and felt they couldn't stop and help, and no doubt figured someone else would. Thanks for your visits and your comments, I value your support daily. Sorry I hadn't gotten back to write the actual post.

  3. So sad to think that no one stopped to help the young boy. The homeless man knew what this young boy was feeling. The people who walked by, dressed so warm wasn't worried about him. This made me think. I need to keep an extra scarf with me in the winter in case I see someone like the boy. I need to give my brother (a trucker) a few more to keep in his truck. He has given away the 2 scarves that I had made for him to give away to the homeless he sees across the US.

    1. This is a very good idea Sue, my older brother used to keep a bag of some of our donations in his car, he came in contact with folks while out and about...before he retired. I need to ask him if still has need of them and get a supply to him if he does. I live and work within 4 miles of the house, so rarely run into that in my normal day to day.

  4. Excellent idea Sue. This would make sense in alot of cases. I have given my hat or miittens to someone who needed them, but would not hurt to be prepared. I have had people say how did you know they really needed it. My mom used to say that is not my business, that is up to them and God.I have done my part to help.She always taught us there but for the grace of God go I. All we can do is what we can. marj in minnesota

    1. Yes Marj, you are so right, but for Grace of God Go I.


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