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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life gives us bits of this and that

beginning of an aghan for homelessThis is the beginning of another project using some of This and That. Not a good picture, looks like I must have moved when I click the shutter, it's blurry; but there will be other pictures. As you can see these squares are all different sizes, but I believe with edging and altering the sizes of some of these squares and rectangles I'll be able to make a ghan that's like life............pieced together. Some of these are crocheted, some are knitted. There's a mix of yarn, but similar in weight. I no longer remember where all have come from as I've gotten items when groups have closed down as well as from individuals. I do know several of these were knitted by my Darling Daughter, several came from our good friend Sandie and her daughter Kate, a couple are from Alma, and I crocheted a couple.

I believe with a good size border this will end up being an appropriate size to send to our friends at Pine Street. In addition, I am still working on the knitted corner to corner ghan. Homelessness is a huge problem so encouraging folks who were homeless is a worthy cause.

Please keep your knitting needles and crochet hooks busy throughout this summer making hats, scarves and mittens for our Bridge and Beyond, cold weather will be here before we know it and each year the need grows.

Bless you all for your ongoing support.

Scarves 147+23=170
Hats 204+1=205
Mittens 18 pairs+1=19
Socks 53 pairs + 6 = 59

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147Socks 79 pair*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008

***When this blog hits 200 posts, there will be a yarn give away. We're currently at 183 posts, so 17 posts from now. To enter you must leave a comment on the 200 post, and the very first post when this blog started. The winner will be chosen by putting names into a hat. If you'd like to increase your chances at winning here's several ways to accomplish that:
  1. Make a blog post with link here for another entry
  2. And comments to the 100th post (counts as 2 entries)
  3. Answer the question who's the luscious loomer? (2 entries, which you can find by poking aound here a bit, leave comment on that blog, don't give away answer here please
  4. Answer the question when was Sock it to me Month? (leave comment on that blog post (1 entry)
  5. Become a follower, Tweet, and or facebook a post you particularly like (1 entry for each), be sure and tell me you did this
Spread the word, the more who enter the more fun we can have while we work together one stitch at a time to help the homeless.


  1. Me to Sharkbytes, things that aren't perfectly centered, manicured I often find more interesting. Tougher to make perhaps, but more fun.


  2. How do you tell what post number it is? I see quite a few of our squares in there - I knew you'd figure something good out for them. Some were done by my daughter Kate. I love the mix of colors. Good luck with it!

  3. There are 19 shapes (squares, and rectangles). Starting in the upper left with the blue square and going down the ones I know are
    Alma, Alma, ?, Me, Alma
    Sandie, Sandie, Sandie, long ago group, DD
    DD, Sandie, ?, ?
    J, Me, J, long ago group, Sandie

    Help me out here Sandie if you can identify which ones your Kate made.

    If you look though the archives you'll see how many posts were in that month.

  4. I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook, but I tweeted and made a FB post on this entry because the latest entry is always my favorite. :-) I also found the sock it to me month, and left a post on the first post. Wow! Look how far you've come since 2008! Now I'm going to find that 100th post. Maybe I'll run into the Luscious loomer while I'm looking. LOL

  5. What a cool idea, get help for the homeless and have fun with a contest. Too bad I don't knit or crochet. Keep up the good work.


  6. And lastly, to answer your question -
    red heart square third from top is mine (it's sideways I think)
    the third from top on second row (it looks pale blue but I think it was purple?) is Kate's
    The 12" blue Bobby's square is mine and the last red heart is also mine

    I didn't remember those top two on second row - looks green and cream. I'll trust your memory of those.

    So the ghan squares are:
    Alma, Alma, Sandie, Sandy, Alma
    Sandie, Sandie, Kate, long ago group, DD
    DD, Sandie, Sandie, Sandie
    J, Sandy, J, long ago group, Sandie

  7. We're making good headway, thanks Sandie for filling a few of the blanks.

    So the ghan squares are:
    Alma, Alma, Sandie, Sandy, Alma
    Sandie, Sandie, Kate, long ago group, DD
    DD, Sandie, Sandie, Sandie
    ?, Sandy, ?, long ago group, Sandie

    Gonna probably leave your one sideways as it fits better, or at least it does so far. Got about half of them edged since I took this initial picture. You know me, it could change a bit. lol

    shhhh don't tell who lucious loomer is, I quick deleted your comment on that, but gave you credit for it, when you get a chance hop over there and leave a comment.

  8. all the squares are lovely..
    do you prefer a size, or any size will do?

  9. Lulu what we primarily collect here are hats, mittens, and scarves for Central Ohio's homeless. These squares, and rectangles are a collection (over time) of odds and ends folks have given me which I'm making a ghan for Pine Street, though that's not the primary function of this group. You can read more about Pine Street by clicking on their badge in my right sidebar and you can more about our cause by clicking on How Can you Help, the first tab on the left under the heading, and or the picture that says the people we're helping. Hope that helps.

  10. Thanks, Sandy! I did leave a comment on the luscious loomers. :-) Nice work. I'm fixin' to blog in a minute at the Corral...

  11. Niiice squares! I love all different size square blankets! Have you seen the Babette Blanket? I love those!

    Woo hooo for contests! *checks over shoulder* Yep, them eight ginormous tubs of yarn are still there. Better not enter myself to get anymore. LOL But I do know all the answers to the questions. Hee hee!

  12. Hey Linda, you mean 8 ginormous tubs of yarn is enough? Surely you jest! lol, is it possible to have tooooooooooo much yarn?

  13. How could I not know who the luscious loomer, I am married to him! LOL!!

  14. Sandy, I just became a follower.

    You collect scarves and hats? Where do we find the address and when is the deadline?

  15. Hi HilsGal, there is no deadline for donating hats, scarves and mittens. This is a year long and on going project. Lots of info here, click on the tab far left under title, how can you help. Sing out if you have any questions.


  16. So I hope I answered the 3rd question and left the answer there.


  17. Hi! Sandy, I like both your blog sites - I'm following your work from Ravelry's Oddball group. Love all your projects.

  18. I'm a follower. Sadly, I don't own much yarn. I just started a 2 pillow project for Xmas gifts, and purchased some nice cotton yarn. That's about all I have. So unfortunately I cannot donate blocks or tops, but if I had extra yarn people didn't want/need I would surely be able to crochet to help out. If you know any sites that will do that let me know :)
    I'm willing to crochet, just don't have the $ for extra yarn.

  19. Niki, please enter the contest. You could win yarn.
    Thanks for your comment.

  20. Nice to see you doing this - with the economy right there are alot of people on the streets. I crochet - please let me know where I can send or drop things off. Deb

  21. Deb, I'll try to email you and or you can email me. My ady's in the mission statement at the top of the blog.

  22. How fun! I've become a follower. Please enter me into the contest.


  23. HI Sandy -- Wish I could be in line to win all that yarn, but I don't have a blog or tweeter! Anyway, your project is a worthwhile effort and those who help you are surely worthy of extra gold stars. More hats from me will follow soon.
    Sandie the Weaver in Florida

  24. I love your idea and what you are doing. I have signed on as a Follower and when you have a minute come visit me. You are doing a great thing. Take care.

  25. The mentioned posts I cannot find /I think I m going out of my mind /bUT IN THIS CONTEST i WANT TO BE /pLEASE oH please wont you just pic me /Email is a wondrous thing /Across the seas our messages wing /From me to you /O'er miles of blue /Be glad you cannot hear me sing !"

  26. My singing is tuneless-So they say
    But in this contest I must stay
    I knit and crochet loads Of hats
    The family think that Im quite bats !

  27. Im living here in the Emerald Isle
    I hope thataI have made you smile .
    Just a mile from my own front door
    The wavelets flow to our golden shore
    Perhaps I'll walk the beach for a while !

  28. dancinanne, you did make me smile with your cute poem. To enter the contest, post here which you did; post on the very first blog post you still need to do that; and keep an eye to come back and post a comment on the 200th post.


  29. Sandie the weaver in Florida, you too could enter and win the yarn; the twitter and blog posts give you extra chances to win; but to enter all you have to do is post here
    You did
    Post on the first blog post, you need to do that,
    Keep an eye peeled and come back to post on 200th post.


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