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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Excitement, A Wonderful first Hubby and Wife!

Karen and Frank from South Carolina have just joined our fabulous group.  They're our first couple, and Frank's a hat making machine!!  Seriously, I am in receipt of 65 hats.  They're are fabulous, vary a bit in size and are made with lots of wonderful colors.

I'm still having issues with pictures with the change over in my photo soft ware, so my photo's aren't coming out quite as well.  Sorry, I do hope you can see how wonderful all these Fabulous Frank Hat's are.

Frank's hats are loomed, they are nice and heavy, made with a variety of yarn.  Both he and Karen enjoy knitting, crocheting, looming for the benefit of others.  Living in a warm climate they said they were thrilled to find us and be a part of the cause.  Please welcome both Karen and Frank.  I've added a link to our team list on the side bar so you're able to visit their blog.

Again, many thanks!

**new totals
Hats 252
Mittens 43 pairs
Scarves 109


  1. Hello and welcome Karen & Frank. You're hats look great. You have joined a group of wonderful people. I have not done much in the way of knitting or crocheting since the summer hit.

    Just to let you know Sandy, I do hat a box ready to send out to you. I forgot to plug my camera in so if you would be so kind as to take a pic for the blog I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. I'm so glad you joined, Frank and Karen. Even though I don't make hats (or even crochet or knit) I know how much these hats are appreciated by the homeless people here in Columbus.

    Your hats will warm heads and hearts!

  3. What a wonderful bunch of hats!!!! Frank you are an angel!

    Sorry I hadn't visited in a bit Sandy. I lost my list of knitting blogs in my computer crash but I'm slowly getting things added back to another blog roll for myself.

    I'm finishing up a batch of mittens and a few other things to send. Should be in the mail next week sometime. I'll let you know when it goes out. :-)

  4. Wow. What a lot of hats. Karen and Frank did a super job here and if I am recalling correctly this was not their only donation to the cause.

  5. You recall correctly Sandie. Frank and Karen truly are amazing. How cool that as a couple they do such wonderful things together.

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    You've left several comments on this blog, all on older post, and all anonymously which throws all your comments into the spam folder on blogger. Additionally, none of your comments have been related to the subject matter of any of the posts, that also throws your anonymous comments into the spam folder. You have no blog connection with your name, therefore no link, therefore no way to connect back to your blog. If you want contact leave an email ady where you can be reached. And or make contact with me through my email which is listed on this blog.


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