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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Team Work is Awesome...Announcing A Contest-Give Away

Below in no particular order you see afghans made from your thoughtful donated squares. There are many different colors, many different sizes, many different types of squares (rectangles) which make many different types of afghans. Some are traditional in design, some have a definite pattern, some come together without a pattern. Some squares were knitted, some were crocheted. Some afghans where assembled with squares from lots of different hands, while others were made with squares from the ame volunteer. Please share with me the joy at seeing what the beauty of team work can do. Each thumbnail is clickable and will link you to the blog post to see the afghan picture larger as well as details about the afghan and sometimes who the squares came from (when I could remember, lol).

Please take time and look through these and see how many of your squares you can find. PLEASE leave a comment stating you found your squares in afghan #..As you can see there are 5 afghan pictures per row . If you can point out your squares even better, which square in which ghan.? You may also leave comments on the actual post that highlights the afghan made from your squares. Enjoy and please be chatty. Let's see how many comments we can get.

Royalty GhanRose GardenRed BrickThis and ThatMother Earth

Pink BlocksPink PetunaRainbow BrightKaledioscopeLittle Princess

Got BrownBontiful HarvestJewelsAutumnGemstone

Colorful BlocksBlue BurgundyBright BlocksBaby Boy BlanketBlue Jazz

Sand BoxEnd of Summer Day at the Beach

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, well how bout 22 pictures! Give yourselves a pat on the back. And remember I still have plenty of squares here (in case you don't see some or all of yours). I have ghans in que that have been designed waiting to be assembled, AND I have squares waiting to be designed. Stay tuned. I'm feeling itchy about designer more.

AND....I think it's time to have another contest. Why..? I like to to for One, for two comments have really died down which is a negative for the blog, and 3 I have goodies to give away.

Soooooooooo, to get your name in the hat leave a comment here stating which ghan is your favorite and why, get a 2nd name in the hat when after leaving a comment here you leave a comment on at least one of the above ghan posts (tell me which one please so I can keep track).

Want another chance to win, sure you do. Blog about it with a link here; or post a facebook link, or tweet about. Be sure and let me know if you blogged, tweeted, or facebooked. You have the full month of July to get your 3 opportunities to win goodies. It's a win win, you support each other by commenting on people's work, you get to reflect on the value of team work when you look at the pictures, and you get the opportunity to win. (Squares will NOT be collected until late this year, PLEASE hold off sending any for the time being).

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. Hey, long time, no me! :-) I like the brown afghan best, because I am partial to brown. Anyhow, I'm peeking in to say I finally got a box full and sent it in! Been so busy with other things, but I'm glad to swing by and see things are in full swing here! I'm looking forward to being more active again now that things are slightly less crazy around here.

  2. Thanks for the visit, and the vote James. Got you noted and look forward to your being around more.

  3. So hard to choose just one. I think the Little Princess is my favorite. I like the symmetry and just overall the way it came out. If I can choose a second the Feeling Royal would be my second choice. The placement of the squares and the "royal" colors just seem to work well together.

  4. Thanks Sandie for your vote. Had to smile...the symmetry I think often calls out to you. Hubby says the same thing...I like them all but often like the wonky ones best, lol.

  5. I love the blue jazz! Blue is my favorite color and the combinations of squares are gorgeous! I hope that this winter, I will be able to donate a few hats and scarves! Norma

  6. Thank you Too Much Yarn Not Enough Time(Norma), for the visit and the vote. Got you in. I too hope to see you here often on Bridge and Beyond. We'd love to have more help.

  7. Hey Norma...when I click on your blog title I do get to your profile page, but don't see a link to your blog?

  8. I love the Feeling Royal. It was hard to pick my favorite. I like Beach Ball also.

  9. Thanks SSeger, added your points for vote too.

  10. My favorite is Gemstone, although I think they are all fantastic. I love the bright colors. I also saw two of my squares in Rose Garden. They are on the top left corner. One is yellow and green and the other one is the pink one next to it.

  11. Thanks Yvonne for your visit and your vote, much appreciate it. Got you noted. Glad you were able to find some of your squares!

  12. Hi Sandy! This is the link to my blog. New at Blogging as you can tell so not much there!


    Hope this helps!

  13. I am partial to the rainbow bright afghan. They all are wonderful.


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