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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Quilts Keep People Warm

This is a Christmas Quilt I made years ago for my Mother for a Christmas Gift.  After her passing, my Dad returned it to me.  I am not a "true" quilter, but have made several family quilts similar to above with no definitive pattern.  As I continue to work my way through the alphabet...Q was a stumbling block for me.  Then the word quilt came to mind. 

We've not really had people making and donating quilts, but...........we could.  Why couldn't they be part of our afghans that we donate to Homeless Families Foundation?  Though I know making a quilt is quite time consuming and so, I guess I'm asking...is it practical for us to suggest people make and donate quilts?  This one is warm, but realistically, I use it primarily for decorations, and obviously only once a year.  But, if it weren't a Christmas Quilt, could we do that?  Are any of you quilters?

Some of the afghans we've received and donated through the years have looked like a quilt in their design.  If this is a reasonable idea, perhaps there are ways to connect with quilters here on the net?  Perhaps it's too costly a venture.  I don't remember what I spent to buy the fabric, thread, backing, bias tape, or cotton batting...been too many years.  If anyone is a sewer and has some idea of costs, please let me know.  I like throwing out ideas of things I think might be helpful for Bridge and Beyond, but I don't want to spend lots of time trying to find quilters if this isn't a good idea due to time and costs.

**The counts on our progress bars are current, the percentages not quite. I'll not be figure the percentages with each update of numbers, but will be updating again next at least by the 20th. I have in fact made a reminder not on my cell phone for the 20th of each month to do percentages. If we're at a milestone, or I just have extra time I may do it more often...but certainly at that scheduled time

.** All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Beautiful quilt. I am not a quilter. I would think it would cost a lot of money to make a quilt. If someone does make a quilt, I bet it would be loved a lot.

  2. I'm in your camp Sue about the expense of making a quilt; but thought I'd throw the idea out there...plus couldn't come up with a word for the letter Q, lol. As always thanks for your visit and comment. I truly appreciate your diligence.

  3. I'm not a quilter but have often thought I'd like to be. I did take quilting lessons with a friend but we got sidetracked and I never did finish anything. Sewing machines and I don't get along and I'm not a hand sewer so I guess that's why I haven't pursued it. But they are lovely. Very expensive to purchase so I guess it does cost to make them. Perhaps gently used ones that folks don't have a need for anymore, changing colors in a room and such. You can make quilts from old clothing from what I understand.


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