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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Granny Surprise Afghan is Growing

These 18 squares have been joined since I took this picture and a few others as well.  I'm finding stitching these together more challenging then normal.  I seem to only be able to work on it with natural light,thus outside.  Some of these squares have partially felted I believe, so not really able to find the actual stitch to put together.  I normally don't accept wool, but no one knew what these were they were found..........so, will play through and assemble and will note it when it's donated.  This afghan, as you might remember is called Grannies Surprise.

I'm basically reaching into a bag pulling out squares and stitching them together, so very randomly; unless I get two of the same, then I go fish again.

Hats: 238
Scarves 94
Mittens/Gloves/Wrist Warmers: 45
Slippers: 63
Rain Poncho's:  95
Cotton Washcloths: 221
Afghans: 16
Socks: 157
Cowls/Hoody Combo's/ 17
Shawls 1
Misc: items like personal care and things don't fit into above categories aren't counted

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. I LIKE IT! I liked the whole idea from the beginning. . Sorry it is not a fun job to do. Please let us see it when it is completed. I am sure Granny would be Surprised that you are doing it, but she would like it too.
    GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS. marj in minnesota

    1. I like the whole idea of the surprise too Marj, just limited to working on it outside in order to see it. I suppose I could have stitch it together than laundered, but I couldn't stand the smell so laundered squares first....several times which is what I think has added to it being difficult to put together. Sorry to hear you had wind problems with your out side umbrealla. We had alot of rain on Sat and again last night, but winds have resumed to more normal.

  2. This will be beautiful when done Sandy. I always did love Granny Squares. I myself join the block by row across and then the long rows down. It goes quicker for me at least. Keep up the good work.

    1. Normally I crochet together, but due to the size of these squares and the non existent edge stitches, and how the edges got a bit wonky when they were unraveled thought stitching would be a better option. Am only doing small sections because of how hard it is to see, normally I would do a whole row as well, but am working on it in brief periods so trying to do a whole row vs spinets would be a problem for me.

  3. This will be so pretty when it is done and I like the surprise aspect of putting the squares together

    1. Thank you Birgit, I think it will be very nice when done as well, and am enjoying the surprise what square is next approach.

  4. Sorry Grannys Surprise isn't fun putting it together, but it will look very good when it is done. Great idea just to pull out a square and add it on. I made a scrappy scarf that way, just reached in & pulled out a small ball of yarn and knitted.

    1. Love the idea of your scrappy scarf Sue, I may adopt that idea with some of smaller odds and ends. Thanks for the idea.

    2. I think I cast on 220 stitches. Every row was a different color. I left a long tail when I changed the colors. That way I had a fringe. I would just reach down and pull out a ball of yarn. Knit a row and then put that yarn into another bag. When I was out of yarn in the 1st bag, I just grabbed the yarn that I had put in the 2nd bag. Kids thought it was cute. Hope that explaination is clear as mud for you. LOL


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