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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Learning Logs is Making Looney

 Might need to add to the name of this ghan, Learning Logs, thank you SSeger (Sue), might need to name it Looney Learning Logs........cause I am going a bit looney.  I'm like weirdness of the colors, and variety with each section (log) being different with color and stitches......but.  Can you see how much some of the logs are pulling against the other stitches.  I am officially done with the class I took for this Log Cabin Style Afghan, and I've learned alot.....mostly how to alter the pattern do things differently next time.  Seriously, this Lion Brand Pattern leaves alot to be desired.  Notice the bright green and blue log...pointed out in a previous post....the right side edge is no longer curling thanks to the fun 3 color checkerboard log to it's right......but the progressive creeping up of the bottom edge is really bad.  Next to the center square the bright blue, the grey starts the creeps, followed by even more with the vertical stripes log.
Strange how much brighter the first picture is, think this is a bit more true to color.  Just another view from a different angle.  The next log is suppose to be to the right side of the solid tan; but since that's a nice edge....I'm electing not to add the log there and try to pull out the left side.  The 3 color log at the bottom is very think...would be super warm as a hat.......I think.

Will keep you posted on the progress of my looney demise, or the possible improvement on the creeping of the left side, or..........my throwing in the towel all together with this frustrating pattern.  I like mixing the colors in such odd ways, that's kinda fun, and that was the only part of the lesson that was worthwhile.  However, I think they should tell people to use light weight yarn (which would take longer) and then be prepared to back the ghan.  Much discussion in the group about the back side, the rough seams (resulting from where stitches are picked up to avoid holes because they broke some fairly standard rules of knitting about slip stitches at beginning and endings of rows, purls at beginning and ending of rows vs having a border of garter stitches to keep things flat and even), and perhaps the need to put a backing on it.  Thus my thought about lighter weight yarn.  WW yarn and backing....think it would very heavy?

2015 Donations:
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Mittens: 42
Slippers: 47
Rain Poncho's: 3
Cotton Washcloths:53
Socks: 47
Fingerless gloves/wrist warmers:
Cowls/Infinity scarves: 11
Shawls: 1 (just realized it wasn't listed, don't think I missed any?)
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  1. last try today. #6
    Your logs are interesting Sandy. Would make me crazy quickly. I would be calling it Looney Tunes. but Looney Logs is close enough:+)You Go Girl!
    70 degree High Today.I am sure we will pay for this in the next couple of weeks, but I am thrilled with what is going on here at the moment. My pussywillow bush is in bloom, and my back yard is a lake. Good Times. Hope that dries up soon, I need to do some clean up work out there:+) Happy spring everyone, 8 days to go. marj in minnesota

    1. Thanks for the visits, sorry to hear you had to try so many times Marj. Wished I knew why, thought things had turned around again, except for the need to use anonymous. The only thing I can come up with is being someone without the a google or open ID or any of the other choices there? But, still people who aren't bloggers have always been able to leave comments. Hope you don't continue to have trouble, sure enjoy seeing your comments. We warmed up to just 52 yesterday which seemed like a heat wave, lol. I'm loving your temps and know you are too.

  2. Thanks for showing the looney, learning log cabin. Since I have never made one before, I really don't have much advise, but maybe another log on the leaning side?
    Glad you got to 70 degrees yesterday Marj! It hasn't got to 60 yet here in MI, but it should get to 56 on Friday. I have always liked pussywillows. Sue in MI

  3. With you with logs on the opposite sides Sue, I'm plugging away and it seems like I'm making some progress. You were a few degrees warmer then us, believe we hit 52 yesterday. Still far and away better than it's been so we're pretty happy.


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