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Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Survived The Learning Logs

Well, in the on going story/dilemma that has been associated with the Learning Logs Ghan...I can report progress is being made.  I added a log to the right side of the grey log which helped pull that side out a bit.  Then added the log of bright green and rose to smooth out the bottom a bit.  It was getting closer to being the same size all the way around; but not there yet.  The bright green and rose, like the earlier bright green and blue is such a tight pattern it really pulls so...I added the stripes in garter stitch to the right side.  Bingo...finally that side was smooth, didn't curl, and didn't pull.  I also bumped up my needle size by 1 size.  The good old garter stitch gave it the body it needed I think.  And now the bottom...where you see my toes holding down the yellow log.  That's a pretty heavy log which worked to pull out the green and rose strip on that side.....but still some curling.  However, I think once attached to another square and blocked it will work.  But, the left side, next to the solid tan...needed perhaps one more log to help pull out the ends of the yellow and green striped log.

So, one final log was added.  I used the same stitch pattern as the center square as it laid nicely in the beginning.  I did not start or end rows with slip stitch as the pattern called for, in order to avoid the holes created by doing so previously.  My square has 10 logs plus the center square, the pattern called for the center square and 6 logs, and the logs were only on 2 sides.  I think, though it's been quite a trial, I can consider this square DONE!

I will start the 2nd one, making the changes I learned and NOT follow the pattern next time.  I'm hopeful, things will then go much better and I won't be quite so looney!  There are 9 colors, 8 different stitch patterns.  It measures 23 x 23, so I think making a total of 4 squares to join will make a nice size lapghan.  The pattern called for 6 smaller squares.

2015 Donations:

Hats: 118
Mittens: 42
Slippers: 47
Rain Poncho's: 3
Cotton Washcloths:53
Socks: 47
Fingerless gloves/wrist warmers:
Cowls/Infinity scarves: 12
Shawls: 1 
Misc: personal care items and anything not listed above

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Progress! Again have to admire your ability to stick to a project. Especially one that is not all fun and games. Good luck on square number 2.
    Cloudy morning here today but again heading to 70 degrees if we can get out from under. Possiblilty of some rain in the forecast. Not all a bad thing, if it cleans up some of the leftover dirt from the melting snow. Next week to be cooler, in the 40s.People are dinfitely enjoying the weather here, and I am sure our friends in the homeless camps are feeling better too about what is happening. We will of course get more snow, flurries at least,after all this is MN but everyone is enjoying the break and I am sure those living outdoors are enjoying it most of all.GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS. marj in minnesota 50 degrees heading for 70

    1. Thank you Marj for cheering me on, it helps! Right you are, we all need the break...our homeless friends the most.

  2. That square provides quite the optical illusion.

    1. Yes it does Delores, I had to measure it several times to make sure the length and width were the same.......cause it doesn't look like it is. Many thanks for the visit and comments. Looking forward to getting better acquainted as we work our way through a-z. Adding you to the a-z linky list.

  3. WooHoo!! Learning Logs is looking good. Good luck with the other squares. I am looking forward to seeing all the squares you do all done and then the finised afghan!

    1. Thank you Sue, much appreciate the cheering squad. I wanted to throw in the towel more then once; but am glad I kept at it.

  4. This is so neat looking. You have much more patience than I do:)

    1. The patience had lots of ups and downs, lol Many thanks Yvonne!

  5. Sandy, you are doing such a great job on this. It inspires me to use my leftovers for a log cabin. Unfortunately since I'm such a knitting newbie I would only be able use the garter stitch! Keep up the good work.


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