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Friday, October 25, 2013

Homeless Veterans

A friend posted this on facebook a few days ago and I thought it most appropriate to share here.  I've often talked about how many homeless men are veterans, but it's a subject that can't be talked about too much in my opinion.  When people talk about homeless as being lazy, low life's I find it upsetting.  Many of these homeless people have served our country and come back from that service broken, unable to get or hold down a job.  We do indeed owe them.

Many homeless are people who've had an illness that depleted their funds, no one chooses to get sick.

Many homeless are children who have no say in what happens.

Homeless need our help, please help.

2013 Donations:

Hats: 656
Scarves: 409
Socks: 251
Afghans: 44
Slippers: 189
Rain Ponchos: 208
Mittens: 98
Cotton Wash Clothes: 654
Shawls, Sweaters, Vests, Poncho's, Skirts etc. : 16
Misc. Items: include personal care, headbands, hand-warmers, cowls/gators/neckwarners and all meal prep related items, Dolls, associated items, stuffed/crocheted/knitted toys... etc aren't tabulated.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. We are REALLY NOT doing enough for our veterans!! .......I shall knit FASTER!!

  2. Have been donating to vets for years but never feel like we can do enough for them. They are truly the forgotten once they return from keeping us safe. Please do all that you can in your own cities to make sure that they know how much we appreciate all they have given, as well as helping the B&B homeless. With prayers to all the Vets.

  3. Not enough is done for our Vets. They have given so much for us. I was at the VA in Ann Arbor this past Tues (my boyfriend is a Viet Nam Vet). I could tell by watching how many of the men didn't have much money. I did have 2 men tell me they liked the scarf that I was knitting on. I sure wish I had taken some completed scarves with me. I plan to do that this next time we go down there.

  4. Sandy, I know, like you, some people say that homeless are lazy, etc,, but this is not true!!! I want to share a personal story with you and the others in the group that truly hits home. About 20 years ago I was experiencing difficulties in my marriage. We were basically living paycheck-to-paycheck when my husband (at the time) decided that he wanted to go back home and live with his parents(we were living in Florida at the time and his parents were in Illinois). He left one morning for work and never returned. We had two small children at the time this was happening and I was working full time. He went to the bank and took out every cent that was in the account and also took money out of the ATM for the amount of the overdraft protection ($500). He did all of this while I thought he was at work that day. Needless to say by the next day I realized I was in serious trouble. I was kicked out of my apartment, all of my and my children's belongings were but on the curb of the apartment complex and I found myself homeless with two small children. I thank God every day that I had family members I was able to turn to for help, whereas most do not. I ask that people find compassion when it comes to the homeless because you never know what their situation is or was to have them in the current condition they find themselves. I pray one day this will no longer be an issue or problem anywhere.
    Thanks for letting me share my story and may God bless us all.

  5. Thank you for sharing that story Florence, it is very sad and heart warming at the same time. I will be reposting it, as I think it's important people do realize how these things happen. But for the Grace of God go I, was something my Dear Mother used to say often when I was young. Thank for being open enough to share that.


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