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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun, Fabulous and Warm MITTENS!!

knitted mittens and hatsLook at these wonderful, fun warmth mittens. 8 pairs of various sizes. Fabulous Linda. Thanks bunches. Two great kids hats, and a really fun bright colored scarf too.

Linda, I love how these mittens were knit length ways. Does this mean you didn't need DP's? Were they knit straight on regular needles? Please post the pattern, or leave a link if you can.

And look at the darling hat with ear flaps! Soooooooooooo cute. Hey Linda, could ya send us some sun shine from Florida too? lol

Donations Total:
Hats 260 + 2 = 262
Mittens 47 pairs + 8 =53 pairs
Scarves 122 +1 = 123


  1. Hi Sandy,

    The mittens are indeed a two needle mitten. Mariella's Sideways Mitten pattern. Here's the link...
    or you can just google it. I make them on size six or size eight needles, depending on if the yarn is sport weight, or worsted, and I use the child size pattern that starts with 28 stitches. The adult ones seem to come out *huge* for me! But would probably be best for guys hands! And the garter stitch makes them good and thick for extra warmth! I *love* these mittens. And they are well tested by my five kiddo's and they all give them a big thumbs up!!! That's my best test for likeability! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for the link to the mitten pattern. I'll have to give it a go and see how I make out with it.

    Sandy, I sent the box of hats out to you today. It went 2 day so I think that means you'll have them by Wednesday.

  3. I'm making all my scarves geared toward colors for men. Is there a certain size that works better? Width - length? Crochet Hugs! Beth

  4. Bunny, I'm anxious to try Linda's knit with 2 needle pattern too.

    Beth, thanks bunches for working towards those men under the bridge. I make most of mine about 6 ft long, and and about 7-8 inches wide; but there is not set size. Just what you think would work well for a man.

    Thanks Ladies.

  5. I think in one post 60" was mentioned for length, but of course for a scarf there is really no "bad" length. Some prefer them short so they don't get caught in things and are just tucked into a jacket. Others like to wrap around once or twice. I'm working presently on a Doctor Who scarf and it is supposed to be NINE feet long. That will be the longest I've ever made.

  6. Yes, I agree 60 is a good average length, Sandie. But, like you said people like different things, and people are different sizes. WOW, really 9 feet....one could wrap multiple times in it.


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