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Our mission is to warm those in need through knitting, crocheting, looming and quilting. Our NEW hand made items provide hope to those living outdoors and those in temporary shelters. We provide for Men, Women, and Children in Central Ohio all year long. Specific details available by clicking item specific tabs, or the Who we Help Tab. If you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form. ALL DONATIONS MUST INCLUDE A NOTE WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS.



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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hats for the Homeless are so Appreciated

Received unidentified donation from Seattle, Washington. If you know who that is, please make contact. Thanks!

crocheted hatThank you DaMary for your crocheted hat for Ohio's Homeless. It is very much appreciated. Hats are so important. Think how much warmer you are when you wear a hat, and have your ears covered. Think how much better you feel when you head is dry. A hat helps get someone in need from having a wet cold head from snow, ice, and sleet. We're providing hats for men, women, and children; so hats of all sizes are needed and very much appreciated. Warm hats that fit a large man, down to school age children. I'm pleased our hat numbers have been good. Giving us the ability to help several schools, kids and moms in free clinics, men and women living on the street, men and women in shelters, and families living in family shelters too.

Don't over look the importance of knitting, crocheting, or looming 1 hat. The power of ONE is awesome.

A few days ago I posted a rather shocking statistic about 9 years old being the average age of homelessness nationally. If you didn't get a chance to read that post, please do. Click HERE. We have through our last couple of years collected more hats for kids then adults, mittens too. These items for kids have been donated to the shelters and the 2 free clinics and directly to some schools. I wanted to re-state that we have been donating for children's benefit so folks didn't get the impression we were only donating to adults and totally switch gears to only making items for children. To date, the group we collect the least for is adult men.

I will be launching a program called Welcome Home tomorrow, so please keep checking in for the post. This will be tied into our recent mission expansion that includes The Homeless Families Foundation in the list of those we help. If you've not yet read the post about that, please do, HERE.

**the large amounts I stocked piled during the summer months donations have been delivered to Rae for the clinics and Bridge Folks, Lynn for Holy Family, and Karie for The Homeless Families Foundation.** It was wonderful to have such a nice stockpile on hand and be able to beat the weather turning cold. Yesterday it was 43 here for a good portion of the day. Folks, that's only 11 degrees above freezing!! So please keep those hooks and needles busy.

**September is Scarf Month, and we're having another contest.

From now until October 8, I'll toss names into a hat for everyone who donates a scarf for a teen or adult...male or female. Feeling like we need to bump those numbers a bit and will draw the winning name from the hat and send out another box of yarn. Contests are fun. We've had several fun, productive, and successful contests. Every scarf donated for a teen or adult (at least 5 inches wide and 5 feet or longer please), will qualify. **

2011 Donations:

Scarves 285
Hats 582+1=583
Mitts 133
Socks 115
Squares 454
Rain Ponchos 80
Cotton Washcloths 305
Sweaters/Poncho's 6
Slippers 86
Afghans 33 (2 sent to our friends at Pine Street)

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. Great hat DaMary! Thanks too Sandy for the reminder of the Power of One. To the one person that gets ONE hat - it's all that matters and it matters a lot. It's easy to get caught up in quantity rather than quality when hearing the statistics because the problem seems so huge. However, the person who gets a lovingly-made, gorgeous and warm hat like the one DaMary made really only needs and appreciates that specific hat. To the recipients, it is ONE that makes the difference.

  2. "Don't over look the importance of knitting, crocheting, or looming 1 hat. The power of ONE is awesome."

    Great point!!!

  3. Great hat, DaMary! Great point, Sandy! All those "ones" add up to helping "lots" of people! Lets "all" keep our needles and hooks "flying"!


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