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Our mission is to warm those in need through knitting, crocheting, looming and quilting. Our NEW hand made items provide hope to those living outdoors and those in temporary shelters. We provide for Men, Women, and Children in Central Ohio all year long. Specific details available by clicking item specific tabs, or the Who we Help Tab. If you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form. ALL DONATIONS MUST INCLUDE A NOTE WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS.



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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updates for Helping Homeless

I've spent some time updating various parts of our blog over the last couple of weeks, and I know we have lots of new helping hands who may not be aware of some of the information here on the blog. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about some of the newest items, and remind others of some information as we shift gears and prepare for our busy and cold months ahead.

There's a tab area across the top of the blog with LOTS of information. PLEASE read the Before you donate FAQ section, as it addresses many questions I get in emails. Additionally there are tabs with the headings How You Help, Printable Flyer, Patterns, Working Calendar, and Give a Square. In these sections are guidelines for appropriate yarn type and color and some sizing guidelines.

The People We Help(sidebar)
The Mission has been expanded to include helping The Homeless Families Foundation. Information about it has been added both in both this section and to the Mission section of the blog.

Working Calendar
I've updated the working calendar area to show squares will again be collected during the month of December. Currently only 1 month remains to be determined.

Knitting and Crochet Reminders
Please avoid white and lots of ivory in your items. They get dirty easily and laundry is very limited for some of our folks.
Please avoid lacy and or open stitches/patterns (rule of thumb, if you can see your hands through the item, it's probably to lacy)
Please avoid using suede fibers
Please avoid tying a knot and cutting after the knot. I have had to repair some items, some have been beyond my ability to repair when they've raveled. Always leave a tail of several inches after joining new yarn, AND work in all tails (except when making squares....leave final tail on squares).

Do you have a blog? Is your blog listed in the blog log? If not, please forward your blog url's so it can be added to the blog log. Typically, I add a link to the blog when I add the post about your first donation. If, after donating you've started a blog....please let me know so it can be added. I do blog walk and enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs, and hope you all visit each other as well.

Ravelry, FaceBook, Crochetville
Do you belong to any of these forums? If so, zap me your profile page link/url. I've added a separate listing of these links, particularly where you're not a blogger it's nice to have the connection.

Please feel free to comment on the blog, you do not need to be a blogger to do so. Type your comment, click the drop down box where it says name and url, simply leave the url space blank. Everyone enjoys encouragement and kudos on their hard work; and leaving comments...spending time looking around the blog helps the blogs placement with SEO (search engine optimization). The higher we place, the easier we are to find, the more helping hands we get, the more people we can warm. Comments Do Matter.

Please check your name (bloggers list, non bloggers list, and RAV, FB Ville list). Is your state listed with your name? If not please leave a comment telling me where you're from. I started the map after many of you had already donated. I would love to have all lists show what state you're from so we can plot it on the map. Thus far we have 30 states listed for a 60% participation. Are you from a state not yet listed on our map?

States with no donations currently noted are:
New Mexico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota

**September is Scarf Month, and we're having another contest.
From now until October 8, I'll toss names into a hat for everyone who donates a scarf for a teen or adult...male or female. Feeling like we need to bump those numbers a bit and will draw the winning name from the hat and send out another box of yarn. Contests are fun. We've had several fun, productive, and successful contests. Every scarf donated for a teen or adult (at least 5 inches wide and 5 feet or longer please), will qualify. **

2011 Donations:

Scarves 284
Hats 561
Mitts 133
Socks 109
Squares 420
Rain Ponchos 60
Cotton Washcloths 305
Sweaters/Poncho's 6
Slippers 86
Afghans 33 (2 sent to our friends at Pine Street)

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. Lots of great reminders here, Sandy! Thanks! And I know it will help all our newbies!

  2. Hey! You forgot me in FLORIDA! And here I am, looming and crocheting as fast as I can to get in on that scarf contest! ;-)
    Sandie in FL

  3. Sandie in Florida (batflit), confused...I didn't forget you, you're on the list of folks without a blog with your state listed, and Florida is indeed on the map. Could never forget a fellow Sandie, Sandy, regardless of it's spelling. Or where you referring to something else?


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I'm trying to identify where everyone is from, partially for fun. Take a look at the map. Also, believe it will aid me in cases where we have several people with the same name. Please look at the lists of bloggers and non bloggers and see if I have the state you hail from. If not, please leave a comment and let me know.

Additionally, we've had help from Scotland, England, Germany Puerto Rico, Canada, and France! They don't appear on the map, but their help is still greatly appreciated.

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