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Friday, September 3, 2010

I've got JOY in my Heart!

*****Only 2 posts left before we see who the winner of the contest is, but YOU still have time to enter, CLICK TO READ HOW*****

hats and scarvesWith some play on words here. Thank You JOY! Joy is a high school classsmate and friend of mine. We recently got re-acquainted thanks to Facebook. Look at these wonderful crocheted sets of hats and scarves. 4 Hats, and 4 Scarves, a pair of mittens, and 4 squares. Wish my picture had turned out better. They are beautifully made. I am truly thrilled and my heart is filled with Joy, thanks to JOY. She also sent me a book, Samekind of Different As Me that I'm hoping to find some time to read about homlessness.
hat close upWanted you to see the cool detail and texture in the above green hat and scarf. My quess from looking is she used triple or double's and did front posts stitches. LOVE it!
granny squaresThese 4 granny squares will be used to put together another ghan or two, so stay tuned for that.

*****Only 2 posts left before we see who the winner of the contest is, but YOU still have time to enter, CLICK TO READ HOW*****

Scarves 174+4=178
Hats 288+4=292
Mittens 38+1=39
Socks 59

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147
Socks 79 pair*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008


  1. Those aren't bullions, are they? I just can't get the hang of that stitch. I would faint if I had to do that many. I love the front post stitch though. Nice work, Joy!

  2. I need to ask her what she did, I'm not familiar with bullions; but thought they look like front post which I love too, Sandie


  3. I been making pot holders lately. I have so many granny squares that my departed Granny made in the 80's. I should get to them and make some pillows. Lovely photo of hand work.
    Isn't facebook great? I spoke with a friend you might know her MamaFlo, Her husband has cancer and it is not good. We chatted on FB and I love being able to check in with her. Life is precious and time is limited. Staying in touch is so important.

  4. Auntie E, what are you going to do with that many potholders? I do remember MamaFlo, she used to be active on EC. I've wondered what happened to her. Thanks for letting me know, I'll hop over and leave her a hug.

  5. The green hat is in an instruction book called Quick Caps by Leisure Arts - 7 crochet designs by Barbara Shaffer. www.leisurearts.com The pattern uses a alternating front post double crochet/back post double crochet stitch and the horizontal lines are created by working in back loops only of half double crochets. Hope this makes sense. I have never heard of a bullion stitch. What does it look like?

  6. Thanks Joy for posting the info, that's helpful. I've no clue but plan to keep my eyes open for the bullion stitch. Sounds like we might want to avoid it. lol

  7. I'm sorry I never saw the question about the bullion stitch. There is a video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciaJwMW3Wys by Margaret Hubert who has written several crochet books. Personally, I can't do it. LOL Well, I've successfully completed a couple but could never do a whole project with it.

  8. Thanks Sandie for leaving the link, maybe I'll have time later to take a look.


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