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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stripes of this and that on the needles

knitted afghanI don't usually photograph and show you something in the works; but felt I would this time for several reason. Firstly, this is the start of a afghan which is being knitted with odds and ends; many of which are left over's or donated from lots of wonderful people. Ok, that's not particularly news worthy, we all often use our stash, our odd's and ends. However, this is a little different because it will be a ghan; not a hat, not a pair of mittens, and not a scarf. It is though still an item to be used for charity..........AND it is still an homeless charity at that.

I wanted to tell you all about this charity; not to have you stop making hats, mittens, and scarves. PLEASE KEEP THOSE COMING. But, because I've just added an additional badge to this blog (or did a few days ago), and wondered if you all had seen it? It's a poster I've always LOVED. Rosie The Riveter. The spirit of that poster always makes me think what fabulous things women did when The Men were off fighting World War II. But, I'm getting off track and there's quite a story there.

If you click on the Badge you will be taken to their webpage, Pine Street. They take care of folks on the street, like we do; but they also house homeless. They get some folks off the street and when they get a place to live are given a house warming gift of a hand made afghan. The ghans are knitted and crocheted from 9 inch squares that are put together specifically for these folks to encourage them to continue to stay off the streets. It's a wonderful program worthy of our support. When you have yarn left after making hats, scarves, mittens etc...why not make a square or two?

This can be done individually, or if you like you can send your squares to me and I'll mail in mass as our group donation. Let me know your thoughts, and please take a minute to review their webpage.

Now a wee bit of history on this diagonal ghan I've started. The tan is from Rae's mother donation, the red from my stash, and the blue textured yarn is the same yarn I used to make a scarf with the yarn donation from Bunny. So, as I continue to work on this ghan, I'll continue to let you know how it progresses, and what each strip represents.
Scarves 141
Hats 185
Mittens 13 pairs
Socks 28 pairs

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147
Socks 79 pair
*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008


  1. I hadn't seen your new badge yet but what a cool charity. You know, in this world, no one should ever be bored!

  2. I will send you some squares, in between knitting and purling. Some day, I'll take a picture of the hat I'm working on. I don't think knitting is supposed to make you sweat.

  3. I have always loved the 'We can do it' poster and have a postcard of it and I have some wool so off to do some knitting. I'm based in Australia but I think there is a local group doing something similar.

    Love the blog.

  4. I think it's a wonderful idea. I'll bet the finished projects are works of art!

  5. Thanks Alma, I plan to make some while on vacation too, things like that are good quick items for travel.

    Lily, thanks for the visit; always appreciate your kind comments.

    Glenda, hope you find a local group to benefit from your efforts, if not sing out...we'd love to have you join us. But am sure there are more charities who need help then there are hours in the day and helping hands.



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