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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help from Rae's Mother

yarnRae, as you know is our delivery lady. She's the one who hand carries our knitted and crocheted hats, mittens, and scarves to the cold in need there under the bridge; as well as to those in need at the two free clinics. Rae is the lady who prepares hot meals along with several others, making deliveries on Sat. mornings. She volunteers at the two free clinics where our heartfelt donations are also greatly appreciated. This mound of yarn belonged to Rae's mother. Rae lost her mother a short while ago; as many of you may remember (post regarding it here). So, while she is no longer here in the flesh she is reaching out to help others. I will use all the yarn Rae has passed along to me for charity. Something I think her mother would have liked. Not all the colors and types of yarn are appropriate for this cause-The Bridge-but it will all be used for charities in her memory.

In fact, if you look 2 skeins to the right of the yellow yarn, you'll see a partial skein of white which has already been used. It was needed to make 12 inch red, white, and blue granny squares for a Patriotic Cause. You can see the picture and read about it on my other blog...HERE

**I'm still without photo editing software with a non compatible situation. I have a free upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 ordered; though I understand it could take up to 6 weeks. Geessssss, don't really even know if that's going to solve my problem. Thus, my pictures aren't as clear--can't size them down appropiately pixel size. I believe that's why so many of late have been blurry?

**pending pictures of scarves from Patty, do check back


  1. I totally feel your picture editing woes!!! My dh finally got my Paintshop/Photoshop editor back on my computer and I am sooo happy to be able to post pics again!

    Bless Rae for handing the yarn down to you! I know it will be well used! <3

  2. All that yarn should keep you happily crafting for a while.

  3. Glad you got your situation fixed Linda.

    Lily, right you are believe I'll grab some of that yarn to take with me to work today, start a scarf on my lunch break


  4. What a great legacy Rae's mother left. She's still helping others through her yarn....

  5. Wow, look at all that beautiful yarn! It's a knitter and crocheters dream! Well, maybe it's just mine. I look at all those skeins and see afghans and scarves and sweaters and mittens! I'm gettng carried away. ::laughing:: But, I do love yarn! Especially, since we had a big snow storm over the weekend here in Pennsylvania! It's cold. I gotta get my fingers working to finish this scarf! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ~susan~

  6. Oh, and thank you Rae for donating your mother's yarn. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom and I wish you much comfort and peace at this holiday time of year. You are a blessing. Take care. ~susan~

  7. Cake Angel, you're not alone, it is indeed a dream to all of us who knit and or crochet. I think it helps Rae to know her mother is participating here with us. And it makes me think about my own mother, as this will be both of our First Christmas's without our Mother's


  8. I'm sure I saw the post about Rae's mother at the time, but didn't remember. We never forget though and still miss those we loved and lost. My own Dad is gone a few years now. It seems like yesterday we were telling him goodbye. How nice to see the yarn being used for such a worthy cause.

  9. That's exactly right Sandie.


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