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Friday, March 20, 2015

Reflection of Women and Handcrafts

While we knit, crochet, or loom doesn't require a sewing machine, I thought you all would enjoy this little ditty.  Some may have already seen this, as it floating around on facebook a few days ago, but I know many of you aren't on facebook, and if you are...it's sometimes difficult to see all the stuff that gets posted.    This date, 1949 was just 1 year before I was born, if Mom were alive I could as if she could relate to this.

I do know that later in life when I was Junior High School (for you youngins reading, you know call it middle school), and she'd wake me up early on a Saturday morning telling me she might be able to sew me a dress for an up coming dance at school if I'd get up and do the cleaning and laundry.  Yep....that was deal she often floated, and it always worked.  I'd get laundry going, vacuum, and she'd sew.  And yes it was on a Singer.  Initially on one like this, a treadle sewing machine.
The one Mom had had 2 drawers, I think instead of 3 you see here.  Dad traded it in and got her a new fancy one, a portable electric...she was thrilled; but later wished she'd kept her treadle.  But, trading in saved money.  This one sits here in my office and belonged to my Aunt Mary (Dad's sister).  Before Aunt Mary had it, it belonged to her Mother, and we think possibly her Grandmother...but Dad's not sure about that.  It's still partially threaded.  I love having it, even if I don't use it.

What I find the most amusing about this is, she ...the woman of the house was sewing for her family 9 out of l0 times, school clothes, curtains, pillows and other things to help sustain her family.  It was still part of housework, wonder why it was viewed as "extra", like they were being lazy if they did this instead of doing the dishes?

Ladies, do remember to make yourself neat and tidy as you knit, crochet, and loom.  And for heavens sake, don't be Lackadaisical!

Hats: 130
Scarves 50
Mittens: 42
Slippers: 47
Rain Poncho's:  3
Cotton Washcloths: 71
Afghans: 2
Socks: 69
Cowls 12
Shawls 1
Misc: items like personal care and things don't fit into above categories aren't counted.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. My mother and a couple of spinster(there is a word you dont hear anymore)aunts had one of those machines. There must have been 2 or 3 in the family.I got lots of good things off that machine, and still have a picture of me in a long ruffled dress with a beautiful decorated doll buggy, all made on that machine.(The annual Doll Buggy Parade, in our little town) and my brother accompanying me with a bull dog on a leash
    We were quite the couple and won a prize as I remember.Didnt hurt to have a Singer in the house, and a couple of spinster aunts didnt hurt either.GOOD TIMES.
    Weather is still hanging around 50 degrees today to drop down tomorrow into the high 30s. HAPPY SPRING ! it is finally here. ENJOY:+) marj in minnesota

  2. Thanks for the visit and sweet memory of your Singer Marj. Glad you're weather is improving. Happy Spring to you too.

  3. I remember my Grandma Seger having a Singer. Yes, she made me some clothes on it. My Mother didn't sew. Her Mother would not let her touch her machine. So my Mom didn't know how to sew. That Grandma was strange. She did crochet, but didn't teach that either. Grandma S was the one who taught me to knit and let me help sew.
    Guess I better get the laundry done, so I can put on a nice dress, lipstick and get some knitting done.
    Happy Spring!!!!

    1. LOL...yes please get yourself properly ready! Sitting here with joga type pants on, no make up, though I did brush my hair, does that count, lol

  4. Another time reflected here. I'm an old lady now but that hearkens back to the days of my Mom and her Mom.....always looking company ready....dear God I hope no one rings my doorbell right now lol.

    1. Good way to put it Delores, Company Ready! Love it. Thanks for the visit, hope to see you again.

  5. We don't have the machine anymore, but we still have the singer stand just like the one in the photo! Thanks so much for including me in your Visitor's List. I hoping to make the donor list at some point too, I just have to make some time :) As for A-Z I have lists started for each post, but have to put finishing touches on. I am providing Random Act of Kindness ideas for each letter along with organisations to support (when I can find applicable ones). I'll be sure to include a link here under "B"

    1. What an awesome idea Brandy, your RAK list! Will be anxious to read all about it, and thanks for including B and B, much appreciated.

  6. Singer was trying to make sewing sound like a hobby instead of a necessary task, weren't they? Trying to trick the ladies into thinking they liked it, that's why they pretended it was "extra."

    I didn't do very much at all today, and I sure didn't make myself neat and tidy to do it. lolz

    1. Right you are about tricking ladies, it may be a hobby nowdays, but then it was part of their daily work. I hear ya on the being tidy, got my lounge wear on as I type, might go run a brush through my hair shortly, lol

  7. I remember my grandma having this kind of sewing machine. She first taught me to sew on it. Yes, back then it was a part of daily work but now it is such a luxury.


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