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Monday, February 23, 2015

Using Donated Yarn

This is the start of a patch work style afghan.  Truly only a start.  These blues are from my stash of donated yarn.  This will indeed be a long term project, as it's a learning project for me.  I've not knitted with multiple colors before so this grill stitch using 2 colors is a first for me.  It's always nice to learn new skills or techniques.  Sometimes I find I don't do that, I stick with what I know in order to move through the process faster.  So this got me thinking, wondering what your knitting and or crocheting style is with regard to donating?  Do you stick with the tried and true or do you venture out of your comfort zone?

As I age, I realize how important it is to keep learning, so am going to work...probably pretty slowly through this patchwork sampler style afghan learning new techniques as I go.  I ripped this out and started over after about 2.5 inches...but think I'm ok now with this beginning stage.  Will let you know how I progress...or not, as the case may be.

Tell me about your style in the comments below.  Tried and true or adventurous?  Neither is right or wrong, but I am interested.

**I should note mixing yarns like I did for this square, probably wasn't the best of ideas.  Been so long since I've used Caron Simply Soft I'd forgotten how untrue to gauge it is.  Wonder why they classify it as WW, seems like it should almost be in the sport weight class or perhaps DK?  Thank goodness this is a pretty stretchy stitch, otherwise using it with Red Heart WW would probably not work at all**

2015 Donations:
Hats: 55
Mittens: 18
Slippers: 20
Rain Poncho's: 3
Cotton Washcloths:13
Socks: 7
Fingerless gloves/wrist warmers:
Cowls/Infinity scarves: 11
Shawls: 1 (just realized it wasn't listed, don't think I missed any?)
Misc: personal care items and anything not listed above

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Hi Sandy- yes, I like to learn new things, hence, knitting socks for myself. But when knitting for the homeless, I do have certain "go to" patterns that I use over and over. I should find more of these for my collection. Certain hat patterns look nice and warm, so I am always looking for these. I also like mitten patterns made of bulkier yarn, but I don't have a lot of bulky yarn in my collection. People seem to donate more worsted weight yarn to me, so I have the need to use this up.
    It is very important to keep learning at our age, so keep on with your afghan. I am sure it will be beautiful!
    Sally from NJ

  2. Thanks Sally for the visit and the comment. Appreciate the encouragement too. I'll post an updated picture in a day or so...it's really slow going for me, so am going back and forth between working on this patchwork when I have quiet and can concentrate vs watching tv in the evening working on the garter stitch striped one.

  3. I copy lots of patterns, but do I try them, NO. I to like to knit easy items. I did like the stitch pattern on the scarf that I had sent last month. That was a new pattern to me and I liked it. I will make more scarves in that pattern and maybe someday I will make a blanket using that stitch also. I am making a baby blanket with rows of hearts. It is hard to watch TV while doing that one.

    1. I remember your last scarf and the pattern was awesome. Love to see a picture of your baby blanket with the rows of hearts...and anything that requires coun
      ting and paying attention isn't something I can do in front of the tv.

  4. You ladies are very talented. Sounds like a good time. I enjoy it, but am not in your caliber of work. I dont read patterns well. Am better watching someone do it and copying them:+) The blue square is lovely and will be worth the effort when it is complete. Like the two blue colors together.
    Warm up in Minnesota for 2 days.Hope you are getting some too.
    Marj in Minnesota

    1. Thanks Marjorie for saying so, but it's a battle for me, trying hard because I've always been better with crocheting, but as I age the crocheting bothers my arthritis more then the knitting so am working at it. Enjoy your two day warm up.

  5. Had to try that a second time and see if it worked again:+)))Marj..that was my fourth try

    1. YIPPEE!!! Visit and comment as much as you like my friend.

  6. I try different patterns,but use many over and over so that I can send more to help. The last box with the afghan was new for me and lots of fun to knit.

  7. That is really nice what you started to knit in blue....and brave...I tried to knit sooo many times....I can't.....
    It's great what your making...I think it will look very nice.....good luck.....


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