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Our mission is to warm those in need through knitting, crocheting, looming and quilting. Our NEW hand made items provide hope to those living outdoors and those in temporary shelters. We provide for Men, Women, and Children in Central Ohio all year long. Specific details available by clicking item specific tabs, or the Who we Help Tab. If you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form. ALL DONATIONS MUST INCLUDE A NOTE WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS.



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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yarn Stash of Many Colors Helps Homeless

 Pick a color...go ahead give it a try.  See if in this picture
 Or this picture

Or...........maybe this picture you can find darn near ever possible color of yarn.  Think how much this donation of yarn will help the many people we serve.  What a generous generous donation.  It occurred to me when the "drop" took place people might have wondered what in the world was going on.  lol

Dianne O, fellow Ohioan contacted me indicating her mother has quite a stash of yarn, could no longer crochet...could I use it?  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.  Picture this though, Dianne lives in one area of town and works fairly far the other direction and I'm located...sorta in the middle.  We arrange to meet in a parking lot right off the freeway on a Friday evening.  I didn't want her to have to fight traffic getting back on the freeway so, on a stormy Friday evening traffic night...we rendezvous in an otherwise empty parking lot.  Being Friday, the start to everyone's wkend, no doubt they had all booked!  We quickly start piling the bags and containers that had been in her car in my car. And in short order, we both sped away in opposite directions.  

These 3 pictures is NOT the entire generous donation.  Dianne's mother, Mary K kept her yarn in really good shape and I already have many plans as to how it will be used.  Sadly, Mary's not able to continue her hobby of crocheting, something she really enjoyed; but we will make wonderful use of generosity in donating this fabulous yarn stash.   

I mentioned sometime back I'm currently breaking up pictures (to aid in having daily posts, and to have more close up's so the donation can be seen better by you all), so stay tuned and see the rest of Mary and Dianne's donation as time goes by.

I know in the not to distant future, I'll be working on a pink afghan from squares that are at the ready and I see some pink yarn that I think will be perfect for the projects completion.

Many thanks Mary K, and Dianne O for this awesome donation.

**Folks, I'm still trying to contact a Carol C who sent a donation, I can't find an email addy.  The return address on the box is a military type address, so I don't know where it came from, if Carol C is out there..........please make contact with me here on the blog in the way of a comment, or through the contact form in the right sidebar.**

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All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. marj in minnesota /56 degreesOctober 12, 2014 at 2:54 PM

    Unbelieveably wonderful gift Dianne and Mary. I cant even imagine getting this kind of gift . Bless you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. A huge nuimber of people will be warmer because of your kindness. You have both just earned your place in heaven.;+) Thank you and GOD BLESS THE HOMELESS.

  2. So nicely said Marjorie. Took me quite a few trips in from the car, unpacking boxes to lay yarn out to photograph, re-box and take to the basement.

  3. What a nice donation of yarn Dianne and Mary. Very nice of you to pass it on. Glad you were able to make the 'drop' in a parking lot. Must have had some people wondering what you were up to. There will be many nice items made from all that yarn.


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