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Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls Scouts do More then Sell Cookies

Quick, what's the first word........the very first word that comes to mind when someone says and you hear, or you see, or you read the words, Girl Scouts?  I know.......dumb question....the answer is of course COOKIES.  We all have our personal favorites and probably order from several Girl Scouts every year.  My own, Darling Daughter was never in the Girl Scouts (nor was I); but she did spend an entire summer in a floor-less tent as a Camp Counselor at a Girl Scout Camp.  She even checked the kiddo's daily for Ticks...because of Lime Disease.  She was a Girl Scout Camp Counselor in Connecticut in the neighbor city where the disease originated.  

But, look above.  I don't see cookies, I see slippers, hats, socks, and personal care items for people in need.  Homeless and those in need in the shelters in Ohio will benefit from a groups of 13-17 year old Girl Scouts from Minneapolis.  These girls were affected by a tornado in 2011.  The girls and their families and friends received helped during a time in need.  The know first hand what it means to help someone in need.  To pay back the girls wanted a special Christmas project.  The girls in the troop didn't all know how to crochet, but they learned in order to help others less fortunate.  WOW....isn't that what we all would like our teenagers to learn?  To help others, to help others less fortunate.

The Girl Scout Troop did just that.  That learned to crochet and they made 33 hats of various colors.  Some hats are stripped, some are solid, and some are crocheted with variegated yarn.  Please click to enlarge to see what these young ladies accomplished.

Additionally, they crocheted 7 pairs of slippers, and 1 headband.

Our good friend, Marjorie organized the donation, and added personal care items and socks and took care of the postage for The Troop.  Well done Marjorie.  Thank you for making the connection, and spreading the word, and thank you for making it possible for a group of young people to give back.  That's what I call a win win situation.

  2013 Donation Totals 
Hats:  22+33=55
Scarves: 38 (31 flannel and 7 quilted)
Socks: 6+20=26
Afghans: 2 
Slippers: 7
Misc. Items: include personal care, headbands, and...

**The focus for the remainder of January is slippers.  AND, we'll continue focusing on feet.  Cold, and wet feet are miserable.  So...for the month of February we'll continue with slippers as our focus AND add socks for the feet.  Socks are store bought and should be for men who live outdoors 99% of the time.   February  continues to be about feet.**

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Way to go!! How wonderful is that?!?! Great job girls! :-)

  2. What AWESOME young ladies! Isn't it nice to hear adout the GOOD things that the young people are doing!!

  3. Wonderful donation all you Girl Scouts!! You rock! Thank Marjorie M for putting it all together. I was taught early on about helping others in any way we can, so it is just a natural thing for me to do. I hope some of the girl scouts will still be helping others 30 years from now!

  4. Well done Girl Scouts from Minneapolis.

  5. Thank you Sarah S, Sally, SSeger, and Dorothy for the visits, and the nice comments.

  6. marj from minnesotaJanuary 21, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    Just heard from the troopleader, she was thrilled with the picture i sent her, and cant wait to show the girls your kind comments. Thank you so much for the nice things you said. They had a wonderful time doing this project.

  7. Fabulous Marj, thanks for the follow up both here and there!

  8. That's incredible! Great job girls!

  9. What a wonderful donation. Congratulations to all involved. And I agree - "To help others" should be a way of life.

  10. Thank you Katie B, Lulu, and Pauline. Your support is awesome.


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