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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Afghan Design Freenzie

 Our newest pair of helping hands, Katie LJ crocheted and donated lots of little strips/stripes.  Many different colors, many fun combinations, some solids, some striped, some variegated.  My Darling Daughter who's knee you see a wee tiny bit of in above picture and I had lots of fun tossing strips around, pairing and un-pairing and designed some afghans/lapghans with them.  This design has been given the name of Crayola.  This could be joined with navy, black, green, or even a variegated.  Not sure yet which idea I like the best and need to check stash to see what I have the appropriate amount of.  Please stay tuned.
 We named this one Sandy Grass because of it's green and brown.  Depending on the shades available in my stash this one could be edged and joined in brown/tan, green, or perhaps off-white.
 We named this one Navajo, as it looks very Native American to us.  Believe this could be edged and joined with gray, burgundy, blue or tan.........time will tell.
 Again this one looked like Native Americans to us, so we dubbed this one, Arapahoe.  As of the writing of this scheduled post, this one is in fact already in the works, being edged with light gray. Check it out HERE
It's the focus of my work in progress Wednesday post.
 The name of this ghan/lapghan is a bit up in the air as we liked the names Primrose and Dusty Petuna.  Will check stash to determine what to edge and join this one with.  That may help cement the name.  It could be the dusty color or perhaps the lighter shade...must see what blends with this.
 Gretna Green popped into DD head, it's a location in Scotland where folks run away/elope to get married.  I wasn't familiar with the locale, but sorta like the sound of it.  How bout you?  Believe gray, light green, maybe off-white might work for the edging and joining of this afghan???/
 This is a real mix and might or might not come together the way it's currently laid out.  One minute I like it, one minute I'm not sure.  Time will tell.  But, because of wackiness how's the name Hippy Longstockings!  That makes me smile.  I think maybe a very neutral shade is needed for edging and joining for this one.  Stay tuned.

 This is really is the thinking stages.  Brown = earth, green = grass, blues and purples sky and mountains...maybe this could be called Stripped Earth?  Will back burner this one and ruminate a while.

Thank you Katie LJ, we're thrilled to have another new pair of helping hands.  AND Thank You DD for your design help!

2013 working calendar is not yet posted, but our focus for January is slippers.  Please see slipper tab.

**If you're making an afghan/lapghan please launder and block it.  You always get a nicer finished look, it softens the yarn, you remove the hair and oils and odors; and it gives you a chance to even up edges.**

Donations: 2012 

Hats 1024  (55 more hats then we donated last year)
Scarves: 662  (191 scarves over what we donated last year)
Slippers: 148 (20 over last year)
Sweaters, Ponchos, Shawls, vests:9
Afghans: 51  (4 short of last year)
Mittens: 299 (41 more then last year)
Squares: 966 (114 more then last year)
Socks: 280 (53 less pairs then last year)
Rain Poncho's 213 (3 less then last year)
Cotton Washcloths 572 (283 more donated then last year)

Misc Items are not counted individually (such as personal care items, headbands, gators, yarn, wrist warmers/fingerless gloves, face-masks, neck warmers, t-shirts, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, hand and foot warmers Teddy Bears and footies etc)

**I will continue to add numbers to the years totals after Dec 31st, so all donations received by years end will be counted in the year they are received.  Since each donation is a day, they will be some over flow into January.  Thus year end numbers won't be finalized until then.*

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. Love the strips and the way you and your daughter have combined them. Very talented ladies!

  2. Navajo and Gretta Green are my favorites! But they're all gorgeous. Your daughter's got a good eye.

  3. Thanks Dorothy for the visit and the nice comments, both are appreciated.

  4. Hi Anna, you and I must have been posting comments at the exact same time, lol. Right you are, my DD has a good eye. Sure was nice having her here to play yarn with me.

  5. I enjoyed the designing and tossing around of colors as well!

    Striped Earth and Hippy Longstocking may still need something - or may need to be broken down and used as parts. I'm with you in that they're not solidifying in the same way that the others are.

    Also, it's spelled Gretna Green :)

    Looks good, Mom!

  6. Love, love, love the strips!!! All of them are so colorful. I'm always thinking of squares when putting together afghans but now I might just make strips. Think of all the textures you can do and colors. And how much faster you could put an afghan together. I'm drooling lol. Great donation Katie.

  7. Thanks Christine, I'll edit the spelling.

  8. Hold just a bit Liz on making strips/stripes. Let me think about appropriate sizes. I do want to dwindle the amount of squares I have on hand before collecting more; but right you are, the strips/stripes could shave some time off the process....at least at this end, might not work as well for folks trying to use up small amounts of yarn though...must think a bit more about that.

  9. I have been posting comments while viewing your blogs on Facebook but have just discovered that they don't register. These strips really go well together when assembled as if complete afghans. Someone certainly has a good eye for design and colour. Looking forward to seeing pictures of each when completed.

  10. Love all the stripes you made. So many different colors. And Sandy, you and your DD did a wonderful job in putting them all together.


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