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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Google Page Rank

white Lilly**Here's a beautiful flower to help me say THANK YOU**

Thank You all. While numbers might not mean alot to some folks, in some situations...I want to express my thanks for helping our numbers to each and everyone of you who visit the blog, who take time to read the blog post, and most certainly those who leave comments. This is very helpful, may seem un-important...but. I'm happy to report that sometime in last week or so, we've jumped from a Google Page Rank of 2 to a 3!!! That's pretty exciting to me and it's important. The higher we rank, the more easily we are found from people looking for a place to donate knitted or crocheted items too. The higher we rank, the more people who find us when looking for charity's in need...the higher we rank, the more notice we get. The more notice we get, the more people we attract, the more help we attract, the more people we can help. Sooooooooo please keep your visit coming, spend time on the page, look around that also helps. Please leave comments. I know many people do visit, they tell me so in their emails, but their timid about leaving comments. Please don't be. Leaving comments is easy, and it helps. Plus, everyone who takes time to donate hand knitted or hand crocheted items for homeless and charities in need love the encouragement your comments bring to them.

You do not need to be a blogger to leave comments. Please don't leave comments as anonymous...we don't know who you are then. Type your comment, click the drop down box and select name and url, type your name and leave url empty if you don't have a blog...though you could link to your Facebook, or Ravelry Profile page, if you like and don't have a blog. Then click ok or publish and you're good to go.

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone, please help keep us there but continuing to support each other with visits and comments. Better yet...let's strive to reach a 4. Is that possible?

I also added Alexa ranking to this blog which when this post was scheduled was 6,123,422. That's high, and that number will go down with increased blog visitors. The Google Rank and The Alexa rank are both in the side bar on the right, just scroll down a bit if you'd like to see them. How can you help improve the Alexa rank? Visit, read, comment, AND LINK to this blog. If you blog, please write a blog post about this blog, and link back to us. If you tweet, please tweet about the blog with a link, likewise on Facebook.

Let's see if we can grow the page/blog. Could you send a mass email out to those in your address book with a link to this blog and ask them to visit, to look around. Would love them to leave a comment or 12. Remember, they may be interested in the fact that you donate to this cause, even if they themselves aren't knitters or crocheters.

Are you a follower of this blog? If you are, thank you! If you're not, please consider clicking the follow/join. The words follow and join seem to change back and forth, but are really the same thing. As of the writing of this blog we have 160 followers...would love to see that number grow.

Goals...Grow the page, with higher follower numbers
Higher Google Page rank number
Higher Alexa Rank (means lowering that number)

This truly help us, help more people in need. Men, women, and children need our help. Thank you

2011 Donations:

Scarves 227
Mittens (gloves) 117
Socks 90
Slippers 62
Ghans 29 (2 went to Pine Street Earlier)

Squares 287
Sweaters 5
Ponchos 58
Cotton Washcloths 270

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!



  2. Hey Sandy, sorry this is such a long comment.. I just wanted to point out (since page views are such a big help for you) that if you write a pattern (or several) and post it on this blog, you can have the links to the patterns posted on crochetpatterncentral.com or knittingpatterncentral.com. It will increase your page views when the patterns are listed in their directory. I have a few patterns listed on those sites and I get several hundred page views a day on my blog just from those patterns alone. The more patterns you put on those sites the more page views you will get. If you do this, try to give the patterns appealing names, something that people would want to click on. For instance, my most frequently viewed pattern listed on those sites is called "Beginner beanie pattern". I find a lot of new crocheters and knitters use those sites and look for patterns that say "easy" or "beginner" in the title. Once you put up your patterns on this blog, just use the "contact me" link at the bottom of either of those websites I listed earlier (depending on whether the pattern is a knitting pattern or crocheting pattern) and send the owner of the site the link to the blog post where you posted the pattern, along with the name of the pattern. She will send you a personal e-mail response confirming that she got your links and she'll probably tell you when you can expect to see the patterns show up on the site. (Every few days she adds a bunch) You could put up patterns for hats, mittens, wash cloths, etc.. Anything you can imagine. If you don't enjoy writing patterns or you think you're bad at it, even something as easy as a square wash cloth pattern could be used, even if the whole thing is nothing but double crochet rows and no border, haha. The patterns don't have to be fancy to be added to the site.

  3. I bet the same would work for Ravelry. I've seen patterns on Ravelry for free and when you click on the pattern, it takes you to their blog. Right now, I'm making the afghan from the ravelry pattern called Ribbon Afghan. To get the pattern, I had to go to the blog called, The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady. You could set the pattern up on this The Bridge page and when people click on the Free Pattern Link, it would bring them here. But then I'm a Ravelry Junkie - also how I found The Bridge BTW.

  4. I totally don't understand the page rating thing, but if it's good, you deserve it, Sandy! A big buncha flowers to YOU for all you do. Love, Sandie in muggy FL

  5. Thanks Sally, Anna, psmflowerlady and Sandie...appreciate the visits, and comments and great suggestions!

    Thanks Anna for the nice detailed comment. I love having the information and appreciate the how to. Will look into this and see what I might be able to write up. I so often make things without patterns, must think if I could write one up.

  6. Hey, Sandy! Congrats on the page ratings; keep up the good work. We'll all help when we can!

  7. Great going on the page rating! Hope you get lots of hits and more people to send in donations!


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