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Our mission is to warm those in need through knitting, crocheting, looming and quilting. Our NEW hand made items provide hope to those living outdoors and those in temporary shelters. We provide for Men, Women, and Children in Central Ohio all year long. Specific details available by clicking item specific tabs, or the Who we Help Tab. If you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form. ALL DONATIONS MUST INCLUDE A NOTE WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS.



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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hitting the jackpot with donations for Ohio's Homeless

hats and scarves for homeless Look at this wonderful donation from Kim in Washington. It's fabulous. Beautifully made hats, and scarves...soft and warm, and a wonderful selection of colors too. Kim is our newest pair of helping hands and is our first person to represent the state of Washington. Or at least our first since I started documenting where people were from on our map. I don't want to overlook if you donated previously and are from the state....please sing out. Love to get everyone properly documented on our map below. If you've not checked out it, please do.

Many thanks Kim for your wonderful donation, we're thrilled to have your helping hands helping us with this sad problem of homeless people, and others in need.

Only 2 days more days folks for squares, our July focus...then onto August were we'll be focused on hats for men. Remember, while we do highlight an item monthly all items are collected all year long...except squares. Squares need to be specific to the month they are highlighted. We have a working calendar above if you'd like to see what's up and coming.

2011 Donations
Scarves 231+ 15=246
hats 468+ 39=507
mittens 117
socks 90
ghans 29 (2 donated previously to Pine Street)
Squares 331
Sweaters 5
Poncho's 58

Adding the state of Washington to our map gives us a percentage of 60% with 30 states being representated. Pretty awesome over half the country is helping the cause.

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. Welcome to our WONDERFUL group, Kim! So glad you found us! What an AWESOME donation you have made! There will be many, many grateful people out there who receive the gift of a hat or scarf made by you! Thanks so much! Hope we see you here LOTS!

  2. That's a great donation! Sorry I haven't been commenting the past few days Sandy, we didn't have internet for a few days.

    Also, I'm not sure if you sent me a package or not, and it's certainly okay if you haven't, but I haven't received anything yet. I was paranoid that you sent something, it got lost in the mail, and you were thinking I'm being rude by not thanking you for it. =P I am often paranoid about silly things and it's only getting worse during pregnancy.

    On the bright side, hubby starts his new new job on Monday (yes, 2 news, because he already had a new job and then received a better offer for a different one), and if everything works out the way it should I will soon have some yarn money to make some things for Bridge and Beyond!

  3. Kim your work is so nice and neat. You have been busy making so many wonderful things. Welcome.

  4. Thanks all for the visits and comments. Anna, sorry delayed on shipping, out of town and didn'tmake it to the post office before leaving, will get a box out to you on my return. Congrats on hubby's job, am very happy for you both.

  5. Thanks Sandy. I just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail or something, no need to rush though! Hubby starts his job today so hopefully it goes well! It seems that every time he gets a good job something weird happens (like the fire) or they tell him before he starts that they've changed their mind and don't need him anymore. But since he starts today and they haven't cancelled on him yet I'm thinking we might be okay this time! We're both pretty excited because this job is the best job he's ever been offered before and the pay is fantastic after he finishes training.


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