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Our mission is to warm those in need through knitting, crocheting, looming and quilting. Our NEW hand made items provide hope to those living outdoors and those in temporary shelters. We provide for Men, Women, and Children in Central Ohio all year long. Specific details available by clicking item specific tabs, or the Who we Help Tab. If you have further questions, please contact me via the contact form. ALL DONATIONS MUST INCLUDE A NOTE WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS.



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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crocheting for Others

hats, squares, scarvesAbove crocheted donation is from Jennifer T. from Nebraska. Squares are a couple of sizes, some are traditional crochet in the round granny squares, and some are sampler style crocheted side to side. There are 27 squares in all. 9 Crocheted hats, and 2 crocheted scarves. I think the hats are made on one of those dandy circle looms?

The bulk of the squares make me think of fall, pumpkins and falling leaves. Don't you agree?

Thanks Jennifer for your thoughtful donation.

Still looking for Diana H from PA. Anyone know her?

**May is Scarf month folks, so if you're wondering what to make, please make scarves, that's our focus this month**

***For those that like to work ahead, and or know ahead, next month, June will be cotton washcloths***

****Comment Contest is in full swing and will go til the end of the month of May. Get yourself signed up, and improve your chances to win a fun filled $40.00 shopping spree at JoAnn's. See details in side bar and or top tab of the blog. Remember, the more you comment the better your chances of winning are. Get busy!****

Scarves 180+3=183
Mittens (gloves) 66
Socks 74
Slippers 37
Ghans 29 (2 went to Pine Street Earlier)

Squares 214+27=241
Sweaters 5
Ponchos 43

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated, and all donations keep someone warm. We help, one stitch at a time. YOU truly DO make a difference. THANK YOU!


  1. What a great assortment of items. I love the colors too.

  2. Whoo, cotton washcloths! I have lots of kitchen cotton. :-) And a box that is almost full!

  3. Very nice, and yes, the colors do make me think of fall also.

  4. What a great addition to the square pile! SOMEBODY's gonna have some fun ;) The hats and scarves look great too! Coming from Nebraska, I bet they're all warm too - Nebraska KNOWS cold! How kind to share some warmth and such great workmanship.

  5. Thanks for the June heads up. I just finished a dishcloth, so I think I'll keep it out of my drawer and put it in a box for you.

  6. Thanks all for the visits, and nice comments.

    Yippee James, you are just the person I was thinking of when I posted ahead.

    Great Jen, appreciate it.

  7. Scarves are lagging behind hats. Good idea to focus on them this month. I am hoping to get to making one. A lot going on this month.

  8. Exactly my thoughts Sandie.

  9. What a wonderful donation! Yes, those colors remind me of fall also.....my favorite time of year! Have fun with those, Sandy!

  10. This is not a "diss" on dish/wash cloths -- but what is the special thing about hand made wash cloths? I have seen this so often and haven't figured it out! Do they clean better?
    Puzzled in very hot Florida.. Sandie

  11. This is not a "diss" on dish/wash cloths -- but what is the special thing about hand made wash cloths? I have seen this so often and haven't figured it out! Do they clean better?
    Puzzled in very hot Florida.. Sandie

  12. Batflit61, they're particular nice on your skin, paired with bath crystals, or special soap they make a wonderful gift. They suds so much better that you only need to use a little soap/splash etc. so you save money. They wring out so well and dry nicely, far better than the store bought ones. And for kitchen use, I think they do a better job, plus look at all the color choices you have where you can make them look nicer.

  13. Just my two cents here. I especially LOVE a crochet or knit face towel. The cotton gets softer the more it is used and washed and it is heavenly. I agree with Sandy on how well the dishcloths work. And from a crafter standpoint, I get to practice new stitches for very little money and end up with a useful item as well. Not to mention all the fun colors of kitchen cotton. One thing - are you specifying COTTON? Because I'm not sure how well acryclic would work. But for me - nothin' beats a nice cushy cotton face cloth and/or towel. The trick will be to actually SEND them rather than keep them for myself. LOL.

  14. Yes psmflowerlady, you're right when the time comes I do need to specify cotton. I don't how the acrylic would work either.

  15. Yes, cotton for dish and wash cloths. Acrylic wouldn't be as soft or work as well. It wouldn't hold the water I wouldn't think unless it was wool perhaps, but that wouldn't be soft. My two cents. Probably worth less. LOL

  16. That makes sense to me too Sandie, thanks. Went back to make sure my post said cotton.

  17. Hi Sandy,

    I know jumping ahead. what size should a dish cloth be, is it just like squares? I have a bunch of cotton as well.

    Will have scarfs as well, will bring them to you when I come visiting my cousin in Columbus. We can sync up as I get closer to making those plans.


  18. rajani, working ahead is fine and dandy. I think the cotton washcloths should be around 10 inches.

    Look forward to meeting up with ya, sing out when you're coming.

  19. About the cotton dishcloths - I find that sizes ranging from 6 inches square up to 12 inches square can be useful for different purposes as well as different tastes. I like to use smaller cloths myself for washing dishes, as the cloths will stretch when wet. But for washcloths in the shower, the larger ones are better.

    Speaking from experience, cotton or cotton/linen blends are the best for washcloths. Wools and acrylics aren't suitable.

    Also - a tip for weaving in ends! Cotton doesn't 'stick' to itself like wool does, so ends will sometimes pop out after you've woven them in. Kitchen cotton is 4 ply (four threads twisted together.) If you separate the plies out into two strands of two plies each, then weave in each strand separately, the two ply strand will 'stick' much better and be easier to tuck in, as well as it will be easier to hide - as dishcloths are reversible, so both sides can be seen.

  20. Thanks James, sounds like good info, appreciate it. I made a note and will follow up with a post regarding your advice.


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