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Saturday, September 11, 2010

And the Winner .....is Sandie!!

Ok, I announced Sandie as the winner a few days ago but wanted to do a post about it.

First, I thought you all might like to know how long Sandie and I have known each other, and how we came to know each other.

Long ago I was reading a super long post on The Crochetville Forum. It was pages and pages and pages. I kept reading because I wanted to learn about a project. Squares 4 Survivors. But, it took me lots of reading to find out people who crocheting squares, sending them somewhere where they were being put together to help victims of Katrina. I made contact with her via a pm (private message). She informed me the group was no more. I was floored, after all that reading to learn about it. She and I chatted back and forth several pm/emails worth. Someone else had started the group and felt it had run it's course; but both Sandie and I (Sand ie and Sandy y) thought the need was still pretty great. Anyway she resurrected the project, and started a yahoo group. It was great we met lots of other wonderful people. Some are members here, like Bunny. You might also remember Ghost. She used to be a member here. Anyway we had a well organized and very productive group. Sandie lives in LA, so is well acquainted with the need from Katrina and many of our ghans were hand delivered.

Thankfully, that need was taken care of, the group was no longer needed. Sandie and I kept in contact through the beauty of the blogging world. She's continued to keep her hot hook moving at lightening speed and helped many many different organizations and charities; as well as being a long time and very active supporter here.

While Sandie and I haven't met face to face, I do feel like I know her after all these years of reading each other's blog's.

I'm thrilled to announce she is our winner. Thank you to those who took the time to enter the contest and help us celebrate our 200th post which was a neat milestone. This is now #203.

I'm not showing a picture yet of Sandie's winnings, don't want to ruin the surprise for her. It's going out in today's mail; but I will tease you all with these clues about her winnings.

There are 9 skeins of yarn, several different types of fibers and colors, and she'll have a total of 2,090 yards of winnings to enjoy! There is one stipulation however, 200 yards must be laid aside to be selfish and make something for yourself. I'm even marking those 200 yards. lol, but I think when you see them you'll know.

So pop over and Congratulate Sandie on her winnings, you'll enjoy yourself with all the cool stuff she has on her blog. AND be sure and pop back in, so you can see the picture of her winnings in a few days.


  1. Oh my. I wasn't expecting such a wonderful prize. Thank you so much, Sandy. Can't wait to see those luscious skeins. I guarantee they will be well used. I'll post a photo over at the Crochet Cabana blog when I get it .

    Today (Sunday the 12th) is International Crochet Day so I have spent some time crocheting in various odd places. LOL

  2. And I'm back leaving comments for a new prize. I am not really greedy. It all goes back to Sandy in scarves. :-)

  3. And I'm glad you are. It's not greedy, for one it's fun, for 2 it helps the blog...and the bonus is the winner has a fun shopping spree.


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