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Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you sing you begin with ....

Sing along, sing loud, and sing proud!

Now, since we're talking about beginnings, did you know when-where-or why scarves were first used?

I didn't, but this what I found out. Sudarium is the Latin word for sweat cloth. Back in Roman days Men used small linen clothes to wipe the sweat from their faces. The quality of the cloth denoted the man's station in life. Shortly thereafter they were worn as a fashion statement; by Men. They became more decorative.

The French really took hold and called them cravats, from the Crotian word Kravata. The French wore them around the neck, around the writs, around the waste. Soon they were made of all different sorts of fibers. Ultimately the women got involved, and the wearing of a scarf was a symbol of class and style.

The warmest scarves are made of wool, a natural fiber that breathes allowing the sweat to flow out and the warmth to remain.

The scarf has surely come a long way. Now, yes it's stylish; but wrapping it around one's throat, mouth and shoulders wards off the nasty elements and can make a difference in life of a cold, hungry homeless man, women, or child.

Grab your yarn, your hook, your knitting needles and your loom and get busy!

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147
Socks 79 pair
*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008


  1. That's really interesting. I always enjoy learning the history of things like this. Thanks!

  2. Now I'm singing along ... do re mi.

  3. And we Sandie's Sandy's singing together sound good too! lol


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