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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Knit

Thought for you crocheters out there I'd post this very beginning how to knit video. Some of you have expressed an interest. However, I do not cast on or off the way they're showing in the video. Perhaps this will help you all want to try your hand at knitting something for the homeless.

Hey knitters....chime in how do you cast on? I cast on with my needles, the old fashion way. I also cast off that way. How bout you?

I find the music with this obnoxious so you might want to turn off your sound.

Let me know if any of you try your hand with this after watching the video to make scarves for our cause.

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147
Socks 79 pair
*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008


  1. Great vid. Would love to know how to crotchet too.

  2. Liked the video Sandy. I have seen that type of cast on but not with the yarn over as if to knit. I do not cast on like that. I tried the long tail cast on but, the yarn was never long enough and would have to start over. I prefer the cable cast on which is the same as knitting cast on I think. I do bind off like in the video but learned how to do the kitchener stitch which looks really nice on some projects.

  3. I use the long-tail continental cast-on for almost everything (different than the video, but I like her method). Your method of using your needles is called "knitting on" and I sometimes use that also. I am an English method knitter (the video us using English method- that is, holding the working yarn in the right hand) rather than a Continental knitter (working yarn is held by left hand), even though I use a continental method of cast on. Unlike the video, I use my pinky and middle finger to wrap the yarn so I have even tension and can let the yarn slide quickly for faster working. I use my forefinger to lift and guide the yarn.

    I usually bind off the way the video shows, but there are other methods that give more elasticity when you necessary.

    Great video!

  4. I don't knit but I CAN cast on. I love to cast on. I don't do it like this. I use the long tail. I think it is fun.

  5. I decided to save this for future use. One day I AM going to successfully knit something. :-)


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