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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homeless are often scattered.

red cardinal
Yesterday while my family gathered to celebrate our Nations birthday and have our traditional cook out, my youngest nephew, Ryan told a story I'd like to share with you all.

He works for the Division of Parks here in our city. Loves it and loves being outdoors. He was telling us about a new park in the works. Well, really not a new park...an area that had been a park of sorts, had gotten run down and wasn't taken care of---in a not so good part of the city. Over time homeless moved in, for them the area cast off and abandoned by others was home. Somewhere along the line the city decided to re-claim it and bring new life to the park. It will have a new name and a dedication is soon to take place. Everyone's first reaction was cool, a nice new park thats good. It played on my mind throughout the day. What happened to those homeless folks, where did they go........do they get the same "New Life" the park does? We all know the sad answer to that thought, they do not!

Will the park revitalize the area for the community? I don't know; but hope so. I would like to think that something positive will come of this action. It's the ying and yang of life. The positive is perhaps a safer, nice new park for families and children........the negative displacing already downtrodden people. I want to find out more about this new park and the area it is to support. Perhaps the beyond part of our Bridge and Beyond could be of some use? Perhaps there's a community homeless shelter.

It's warm here now in Central Ohio, you may think making hats, mittens, and scarves has no place at the moment. PLEASE, keep them coming. We hope to be ready for this season to help those less fortunate.

My continued thanks to one and all for your dedication, your hard work and your big hearts. This is certainly something to celebrate along with our Nations Birthday. I hope you were all able to spend the special holiday with friends and family. Travel over to my travel blog for a virtual visit in Colonial Williamsburg, what could be more fitting on this 4th of July wkend.

  • The Red Cardinal is our state bird. Such pretty birds. This one I photographed was perched on the back of a chair on my deck. I took the photo through the door to the deck. Didn't want to open it and send the bird flying away.
  • I'm in the process of communicating with Rae to get a bit of an update for you all on our Bridge People


  1. I think, the greater good is probably the thing to focus on? The greater good being the families that live in the area? The community. I'll be checking back though to see what you learn about a shelter or something in the area. I don't knit or crochet; but have friends who do that might be interested in helping out.

    I did save your url to email them. I don't blog; but like to look around at the things that are discussed.

    Homelessness is a problem everyone in our country, a very sad problem really.

  2. Hi Sandy! Love that picture of the Red Cardinal! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day!

  3. I don't have time to make blog rounds this morning but I wanted to pop over and say that I agree with you. The good that people do is often done quietly. The bad is what is shown and heard. The people that contribute to The Bridge Project are certainly among the quiet good....

  4. Checking back to see if there's an additional news. I've got you book marked.

  5. Love the pretty little red bird, amazed you were able to photograph it before it flew away. Sad about the homeless being scattered like that. Very interesting post.


  6. Love that picture of the Red Cardinal!

  7. Thanks Documentaries, I was surprised I was able to shoot it like that through the window. I love Cardinals, so pretty.


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