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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unknown Person in Seattle Washington

knitted mittens, hat, gator, scarf
Wayyyyyyyyyy behind posting updates and pictures and adjusting our numbers folks. I keep trying.

Some wonderfully nice soul from Seattle Washington sent 4 pair of socks, a blue vest/neck warmer combo garmet (which I really really like and think is something I'll put on my list of things to make), pair of brown mittens, an adorable pink hat for some lucky little girl, a beautiful brown and blue hat, and a blue and burgundy scarf
I don't know if the person just forgot to put their name in, or if they wanted to be nameless. Always makes me uncomfortable not to be able to thank someone. Even if they don't want their name here, I would love to send email letting them know their package arrived and is appreciated. So..........if anyone knows who this person is, please sing out. Items are knitted, so we're in search of a knitter from the state of Washington.

Barbara.......hugs for sending the flannel shirts along with your hat, what a wonderful donation. Thanks so much for caring and helping us with this project. So sorry it took me so long to get this posted.
knitted hat, flannel shirts
knitted hat

Scarf #81
Mittens #35
Hats #163-164-165

Thank you all for helping to warm these folks so in need.

***I'm please to report who our mystery knitter is, Thanks Dyanne (bowcolors on RAV) for the email. And thanks for the wonderful donations.


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  2. I didn't see an "article" about how to make anything in this post but some lovely items.

  3. Yeah Sandie, right you are...there is no article. I think they meant blog post/article. I didn't follow the link as I recall, wondered if it was spamy.


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