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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Updates, socks needed

I got to meet with Rae the other night face to face. I work so many evenings it's not been possible previously so it was great fun for Rae, Jan (SI), and I to get together and talk about this project. Made another delivery to Rae that she will pass on today. Today is a visit the bridge day.

The men under the bridge continue to be pleased to receive warm items to keep them warm. They're currently doing well with hats, but are still in need of mittens. Rae mentioned they need socks. It's cold, wet, damp etc. Cold wet feet, and no real way to dry their socks in this outdoor enviornment. So, for the time being I'm asking if you're able to buy a package of mens socks and forward them. Having clean, dry socks to change into will make them more comfortable and perhaps keep them well.

I've posted again about this project being on going. I've added that in fact to the welcome area, as I continue to get questions regarding that. It's hard I know for everyone involved to read every post here, so hopefully that will help. I've updated our counters to reflect the time of year and upcoming holiday. For fun, I've added a rate the page widget. Seems I've lost my feed for the cool weather widget. Errrrr

I mentioned previously (and have added in the welcome), a free clinic in the same area as the bridge that takes care of homeless who can get there, and indigent folks in the area. The clinic sees women and children. We've received some items geared more toward children and women and those have been extremely well received there. So much so in fact, can we do more? Hats and scarfs for grade school children specifically. Any hats and scarfs not needed for the men, or those that are color or size appropiate for the women can be used for those in need at the clinic. There is so much need, nothing will go used. Rae see's the need in both areas and can appropiately access and distribute the right items to the right people.

And here's some more goodies. Stella of course wanted to have everything on at one time. Oh Stella! This scarf is a beautiful brown tweed crocheted by Sandie. The red,white and blue hat is also another Sandie creation. She makes beautiful items and, as always Sandie many many thanks for your ongoing support. HUGS

Hat #140 and Scarf #62


  1. Stella makes everything look more beautiful. :-) I am happy she doesn't mind modeling men's scarves! ;-) I wish I could clone myself. I have so many projects to complete!

  2. Ok, will do. I will get to the store this week and pick up some socks. I have a few children's scarves here that I will send along as well.


  3. We are really expanding in a good way. I know I have not done a lot at this point. I do for so many different charities it is hard to focus on just one. I will be gone for a month so I won't commit to anything else right now but hope to do more after my return from California. But wanted to let all the special ladies out there who have done so much that I think they are the cream of the crop.

  4. This is really looking awesome as a project, Sandy. Props to you!

    My 5 hats will be sent to you on Monday so you should have the by the end of the week. I'll try to work on socks & mittens for you!

  5. WooHOOOOO! Got here from Twitter. I just can't figure out how to contact Twitter teachers and writers to say, "Come to ignite to write for fun writing exercies!"

    I tried.

    Meanwhile...good for you!!!! Socks, socks, and more socks!!!!!

  6. By the way, did I tell you that I love the hearts (mitten ones) at the top of your blog???

  7. The expansion is wonderful! I will have to look through some of my almost FO's ;) I know I have some hats and such that ended up too big for my little ones... And Sandie has been so busy!! Goodness!

  8. The above comment was from the wrong account ;) forgot to switch accounts before I posted my comment.

  9. The past few years it seems scarves have become my "thing". There is so much you can do with a scarf. So many patterns and colors to combine without having to put in the time to make a complete afghan. My only problem with scarves is that I sometimes get that little curl up at the corners, no matter what corner method I use. Even after all these years, still working on that.

  10. You know Sandie, somewhere I read if you start with one size and then go down a size for the body of the work, then back to the larger hook for the finish that helps with the curl. Give it a try and see if that helps. Not really a problem, but I know we all like to improve on our craft.


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