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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pink Persuation Afghan Designed

Holly Cow, you're saying, how many afghans did that crazed woman (me being the crazed woman) design?  I'm not telling you.  Let's just say at some point in the multi-day process hubby said these squares going to be a permanent part of the living room?  Yes...once I dumped the huge number I had I left them for several days and just kept at it.  Designing, photographing, labeling, bagging.  And it truly did take a while.

I named this one Pink Persuation, but am open to suggestions if anyone has an idea.  I will probably edge and join in off white, unless I have the right shade of pink in my stash when the time comes.  Anyone find their squares in this design?

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2013 Donations:

Hats:  361
Scarves: 276
Socks: 182
Afghans: 20
Slippers: 132
Rain Ponchos: 202
Mittens: 22
Cotton Wash Clothes: 298
Shawls, Sweaters, Vests, Poncho's: 10
Misc. Items: include personal care, headbands, handwarmers, cowls/gators and all meal prep related items, etc aren't tabulated

All donations regardless of size and number are valued. All donations are appreciated. The Power of One is awesome, and when we work together The Power of One becomes The Power of Many.


  1. Yes I have been wondering what kind of vitamins you are on lately? I need to get me some! I do love this one Sandy! It is going to be stunning when finished! Love the name also! Wasn't there a song by the same name way back when?

  2. marj in minnesotaMay 18, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    I will have whatever you two are having.:+) Major rain in Minnesota this morning will not be mowing today so am enjoying the bright and springy colors in your latest creation. Love the pinks, girlie girl colors for sure and beautiful. Name is great. Song was good too, I think, that was a while ago Sally. :+)Have a happy day.

  3. You are right Marj.....that song was eons ago! I am dating myself!! Just one of those oldies but goodies!

  4. marj in minnesotaMay 18, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    Some of the best songs are oldies but goodies Sally. Dont worry about dating yourself I am sure I could beat you. Lots of good memories.:+)

  5. I love this ghan Sandy! Its gorgeous! Great job designing and thanks to the people who made the squares! I like the name too! Don't think I know the song tho :-(

  6. LOL, Tristi, you're younger then Sally, Marj and I that's why you don't know the song. Thank ladies for the visits!

  7. Some girl will just love this afghan! Very nice.

  8. Love the colors and the name! By the way, the name of that song...Crystal Blue Persuasion! Now that is dating me for sure! lol

  9. Well done Sherry...it was driving me nuts.

  10. Thank you Sherry!!!!

  11. marj in minnesotaMay 18, 2013 at 6:31 PM

    Oh wow, I had that running in my head all day. Thanks Sherry I knew something was wrong just didnt know what...your next blue ghan Sandy!

    "Crystal Blue Persuasion"

    Look over yonder what do you see
    The sun is a-risin' most definitely
    A new day is comin' people are changin'
    Ain't it beautiful crystal blue persuasion

    Better get ready gonna see the light
    Love, love is the answer and that's all right
    So don't you give up now so easy to find
    Just look to your soul and open your mind

    Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm
    It's a new vibration
    Crystal blue persuasion, crystal
    Blue persuasion
    Maybe tomorrow when He looks down
    Every green field and every town
    All of his children every nation
    There'll be peace and good brotherhood
    Crystal blue persuasion

  13. All those years ago and we are still looking for the same thing now.......peace and good brotherhood!

  14. marj from minnesotaMay 18, 2013 at 8:28 PM

    Makes you want to keep working for the cause. Peace and brotherhood for everyone even the people we are trying to help. Love it Sandy.Thanks.

  15. Right you ladies are, we are still in search of the same thing. Might tuck Pink Passion away for another pink ghan ...or did I use that already, not sure Patty, will have to go back and check.


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