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Monday, May 24, 2010

Clapping my Hands for Mittens!!

crocheted mittens for homeless
Look at these fabulous, cool colored crocheted mittens. Love them and their sooooooo warm. Thanks bunches Jodi. Mittens is something we never quite get enough of so am thrilled to have these. AND she tells me she's already working on more. YIPPEE!!

It does occur to me, that perhaps I need to try my hand (pun intended) at this again. I've made them in the past; but didn't find them all that easy to do. However, with the weather getting warmer this is something you wouldn't have to have on your lap making you warmer. Hint...hint folks. Making mittens in the spring and summer for fall and winter use. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Keep stitching everyone, hooks and needles love to be busy. Thanks to all for you do.

Am continuing to work on my corner to corner ghan for Pine Street, and squares (so's Alma).


Scarves 146
Hats 188
Mittens 13 +2= 15 pairs
Socks 28 pairs
Squares for Pine Street 7

Hats 368
Mittens 66
Scarves 147
Socks 79 pair*counts from day 1, Dec 2 2008


  1. Great looking mittens. I will be sending out a pkg to you tonight. I found a real easy knit pattern to do for mittens.
    You will have to scroll down to get the pattern. If I can make these anyone can. They are that easy.
    The scarves you received look wonderful. These items I know will be much appreciated come winter.

  2. Thanks x 2 Bunny, for the link for the pattern and for the forthcoming box! Looking forward to it

  3. Adorable mittens! I've not picked up my knitting basket in quite a while. Brady has kept me very busy. I'm behind on everything. I so much want to make something for your project by this fall. I think I may be spread too thin at the moment, but I'll do my best.

  4. Lily, understand being spread to thin...we all just do what we can when we can...hang in there

  5. These look so nice and warm. Fabulous colors too.



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