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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seeing Double? Sandie, Sandie

No you're not seeing double!

crocheted scarves

There are two scarves, two brown scarves, two brown crocheted scarves, two brown crocheted scarves from Sandie! Look at our numbers folks, she's been steadily chipping away at these numbers. I'm honored and thrilled to have her continued efforts in our behalf. As always the work is fabulous. These two scarves are made with double yarn so they are very thick and should be nice and warm. I need to hop over to Sandie's blog and see what size hook she used when she does this double yarn.

Thanks bunches Sandie
Thanks bunches Sandie
Hats 178 (22 needed to reach goal of 200)
Mittens 43 pairs (57 need to reach goal of 100)
Scarves 108 (92 needed to reach goal of 200)

**PLEASE make sure you check in several times this week for upcoming articles


  1. Fabulous scarves :)
    I pop by to check up quite a bit, just haven't left comments ;)
    Kristin :)

  2. I'm here Sandy, just been a bit hectic. I have a few scarves ready and hats as well. I will send them once I fill a nice size box.


  3. Hey there...I don't think there are any team members on Ignite to Write, but maybe we can find some people who want to get involved. Is that what you meant by the comment you left there?

    Actually, my guess is that we could find more people on Animal Talk...let me do some checking. I'll email a few people. I know we're going into the cold months soon. I did talk to Rae and she's ready for whatever you and your team can get together.

  4. Jan, silly girl you're a team member. hehe She just doesn't think of herself that way cause she doesn't do the knitting or crocheting; but she's our delivery gal. I make drops and have 2 good size bags I hope to get to her yet this week.


  5. I'm still around! I signed up for the scarf challenge and I will donate them to you! So watch out!!! Here's my addy: Hayden Parsons
    C/O Beth Parsons P.O. Box 2634 Winchester, VA 22604 Hugs! Thank you! :)

  6. Yeah Sandie!! Great scarf. I am hoping to work on a few things starting in the next few weeks.

  7. I know I probably sent you a personal answer, but for the double strands I generally use at least an L hook, more likely a bit larger M, N or P. I rarely go any larger than a P hook for anything. If you use too small a hook, then the scarf if thick but it's stiff and not comfortable to wear around the neck. I have had some come out that way, but strive for a more flexible but still warm result.

  8. Right you are, stiff isn't comfortable, Sandie. I think stiff would work for certain formed hats, much like felting can be at times; but beyond that...


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