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Friday, May 29, 2009

Very Special Scarves!!!

crocheeted scarves
I'm posting pictures of 4 scarves that might have you thinking of St. Patty's Day...they're beautiful and green which makes me think of lush green grass that needs to be mowed (maybe I'll do that tomorrow, just didn't feel like it today). These 4 scarves are donated by our Dear Sandie. PLEASE visit her page and offer a special thanks. All donations are wonderful, all are appreciated by these seem even more special to me. A friend of Sandie's, Carolyn Toups recently passed and left yarn for Sandie. It is this yarn she used to make these scarves. How special is that. A wonderful way to honor and remember this lady through Sandie's generous crochet hook.

People are AWESOME...I say that a considerable amount and really believe it. If only we could hear more about how awesome and caring people are on the 6:00 news instead of all the negative stuff.

My deepest condolences for the loss of your friend, Sandie AND my sincere Thanks for turning a sad event into a meaningful positive one with remembering your friend with this donation.

Scaves #94-95-96-97
Our goal 100..........3 to go (though don't stop making them, love to go beyond that)


  1. Thanks for mentioning Carolyn in your post. We are all friends through this fabulous craft. I have more on the hook for you, Sandy. Taking a break to make some baby hats for Guatemalan orphans. Never a lack of folks that need our help, is there?

  2. Your yarn weaves friendships indeed. The scarves are beautiful and leave a legacy.....

  3. Awesome that people help others

  4. Carolyn Toups' yarn did so much good. I actually did not know her personally. My brother's sister-in-law gave me the yarn as I believe Carolyn was her neighbor and the family asked her to take care of it. It went a long way, mostly in scarves.

  5. I remember this too Sandie, how wonderful people reach others, sometimes not directly; but none the less they do. You put it all to such good use, I know she would have been pleased.

  6. What a wonderful gesture.


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