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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scarfs 19 and 20

knitted and crocheted scarves
Anyone have the ability to make mittens or gloves

Thanks bunches Lil_Knitter (Melanie), cool scarfs. One is knitted and one is crocheted. The brighter gold one is crocheted, the tanish gold one is knitted. Both are awesome!

Hop over to Lil_knitters blog and help me thank her.

Please check out previous post, who's our unknown crocheter? And go one post beyond that to see Molly's hats. I've posted 3 posts with pictures today, want you all to see them all!

***notice 2nd delivery has taken place!


  1. Really love the rich regal colors on both of these scarves.

  2. YAY! I'm glad they made it. They're both knitted though...sadly I have zero crochet skills. :P
    Thanks for letting me help out.

  3. What stitch is the bright gold one, I was sure I knew it to be crocheted. My record is blown. lol

    If you knit like that, no worries about not crocheting.

    Hugs and thanks

  4. I have a couple of patterns for mittens and started on them yesterday. Will let you know when I'm ready to send them out.

  5. Awesome Bunny, is your pattern knitted or crocheted? I've just purchased a set of DP knitting needles, but haven't yet learned how to use them. Would love a good pattern for crocheting, still more comfortable with my crocheting abilities; but am improving with the knitting.


  6. Sorry Sandy,
    I posted them on my blog and forgot to put them here. lol
    One is crochet and Panda Man's is knit.

    I am more comfortable with crocheting also. It still works up faster for me.

  7. Lovely scarves here. I know I will enjoy revisiting these photos. I love photos and most esp of fiber crafted items.


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