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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holiday Updates!

Anyone have the ability to make mittens or gloves

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family, friends, and loved ones. If you traveled I hope your travels kept you safe and warm and without complications. Now...vacations over gang, so lets get back to work. lol I plan to drop off another (our 3rd) delivery to Jan today so stay tuned. We'll let you know when they make it to our group under the bridge. I'm hoping they're keeping dry, as the last couple of days here have been very wet.

Putting out a call for mittens and gloves...I'm anxious to try the pattern Bunny suggested, and also looking forward to the ones she has in the works. Here's the links Bunny posted for us in the previous blog note. Crocheted mittens and here's knitted mittens

My thanks to all who've joined "officially" or otherwise, those that have added our link to their blogs, blogged about our cause as well as those that have hooks and needles flying to help with their loving stitches.


***pssssssssss the knitted pattern is exciting to me because you don't need DP's to do it. Though I did just buy a set to see if I can work on DP's, I'm not ready to make that leap. However, I note a stitch called M1..backward e loop? Hum, no clue what that is, guess I need to look for a tutorial.


  1. M1 is Make 1 and this link may help with the backward e-loop
    I am not a proficient knitter so I am only guessing but I do have mitts on my list of items to make first. As soon as I get this BMC out of the way.

  2. I see temps are falling below freezing for this week. :-( Hope the scarves and hats will help these folks.

  3. I just looked at the last few posts and all those wonderful hats and scarves!!! Beautiful work!! I finally was able to start on a hat... now that the commotion of x-mas is dwindling ;)

  4. I have one mitten almost done. Just needs a thumb. I started the second mitten and am about half done. The crochet pattern does not take all that long to do. It's just finding the time to do it with Christmas and all. Will post a pic sometime this week.

  5. If you can find a book called "Knit Mittens" by Robin Hansen it would help with the M1 e-wrap. Check your library. It's a handy increase that can lean left or right depending on the wrap.
    hth and I'd like to start helping here too.

  6. Christmas 2008. That brings me back. My son was home from Army for a visit. He had pneumonia and we went for two emergency room visits. He was delayed returning to base and we lost some crucial paperwork. I also hit a pole with my car returning from bringing my husband to the doctor the day son left - which actually was after the New Year, but I'm remembering it now. LOL

  7. Oh my, I remember your son being ill and the hospital, not sure I knew about your car hitting the pole Sandie. Wow...busy times. Glad everyone recovered.


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